SportMotoGPRins, winner of MotoGP in Australia: "We deserved it"

Rins, winner of MotoGP in Australia: "We deserved it"

Phillip Island.- Two years, since Aragón 2020, Alex Rins had not achieved victory in MotoGP and in Suzuki’s penultimate race in the World Championship, the Barcelona rider achieved his goal after completing an impeccable performance, climbing positions from the start ( 10th) and overtaking Pecco Bagnaia at the start of the last lap, in which he perfectly defended himself against Marc Márquez’s attacks.

“I’m very happy, we deserved it, we made a run, we managed the tires very well, I thought they were going to pass me in the last corner, but we defended well, it was very nice here at Phillip Island”, he explained euphorically Suzuki’s.

Rins had a very good race pace, but he started from the fourth row and that always determines.

“Honestly, what has helped me get to the group so quickly is that it has been a very slow race, I have not been physically tired, we have managed to find the gaps and be able to overtake, we have recovered positions very quickly”, he explained.

Rins’s strategy was perfect, as he tested Bagnaia before the end and, although he later lost position, he already knew at what point he could overtake the Italian, whom he overtook at the start of the last lap.

“It was clear to me that if I wanted to win the race I had to start second on the main straight”, as it was in the penultimate passage through the finish line. “Then I thought that Marc was going to pass me, but when I saw that I was good at turn 1, I kept going and thought it was mine, Marc passed me several times in turn 2, but on the last lap I have been able to cover gaps and defend myself,” he explained.

With the surprising departure of Suzuki at the end of the year, the taste of achieving this victory is worth twice as much.

“He knows very well how to reach the end of the season and be able to achieve the victory that we have sought so much throughout the season,” settled the Spanish rider.


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