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Robert de Niro will be his father in About My Father

No one doubts that Robert De Niro is one of the best actors of all time. But unlike other performers like Daniel Day Lewis who choose their roles carefully, De Niro seems to accept any project that is presented to him, whether it is an interesting role for him or not. Even with his overwhelming talent, comedy has never been one of his strong genres, perhaps the best-ranked titles on this subject in his filmography are Her parents, The king of comedy and Malavita. However, despite them it has to its credit a majority of dubious quality: New Year’s Eve, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, We were never angels, At war with my grandfather or The Last Great Scam are good examples of this. . An actor of his stature knows how to pull himself together and the recent Joker, The Irishman and possibly Killers of the Flower Moon are decisions outside the comic genre that help to rebalance his career. father, a new return to comedy under the biographical adaptation of Sebastian Maniscalco. Robert De Niro will be the father of the comedian and when he tells him that he is going to propose to his American girlfriend, de Niro will insist on spending an entire weekend with the bride’s parents to meet. Between the families there will be a cultural clash similar to what we saw in His Parents with Dustin Hoffman and Bárbara Streisand. Robert De Niro and Maniscalco have written the script together, working in conjunction with Austen Earl. Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco have already worked together on The Irishman, but Maniscalco has always had supporting roles both in the production of Scorsese and in The Green Book or in You carry it.This will be his first leading role in which the comedian can show off without being a purely anecdotal gag. Maniscalco has pending the premiere of Spinning Gold, where Giorgio Moroder will be in the biopic of producer Neil Bogart, founder of the Casablanca Records label. For his part, De Niro is involved in David O. Russell’s star-studded, yet untitled project. We will see if this new participation breaks a bit the curse that the father of the Corleones has with a genre that seems to bring him more displeasure than joy.

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