SportF1Rosberg's strong defense and praise of Alonso

Rosberg's strong defense and praise of Alonso

By Marta Sanchez

Nico Rosberg retired from professional motorsport after the 2016 season, as recent world champion and practically without warning (five days after being crowned). However, the German did not leave Formula 1 completely aside and, among his current tasks, is that of Sky Sports collaborator and expert.

The former driver has never had a problem saying his opinion about other drivers and, on this occasion, Fernando Alonso was the recipient of his words, in the midst of a debate about the age of the drivers and when they should hang up their helmets.

“He’s ten years older than me when I retired, it’s crazy,” Rosberg joked when introduced to the subject. “I’m a big fan of Alonso at the moment because it’s so exciting to watch him. We all know that, in terms of talent and skill, he’s one of the best of all time.”

The German also spoke about some of what have always been highlighted as Alonso’s worst qualities , such as the fact that many times he had problems being in the best teams with the best cars, because the doors were closed due to his attitude in last.

“It was definitely one of his biggest flaws throughout his career, I think, in terms of being able to have even better results. But in terms of talent, he’s clearly one of the best of all time, he’s Brilliant to see him behind the wheel. I mean, what he’s doing right now with his car…”

Esteban Ocon, Alonso’s current partner in Alpine, did not escape either. It has always been said that an F1 driver’s biggest rival is his teammate, but according to Rosberg, the Spaniard has nothing to worry about.

“Ocon is a very good driver but Alonso… In Montreal he was thousands of miles behind all weekend, in terms of performance. No, it’s unbelievable.”

Comparisons are often hateful, but Rosberg couldn’t help but put Alonso alongside Michael Schumacher to illustrate his point.

“I was a teammate of Michael Schumacher, and Michael was 40, 41, 42 years old when we were together. What I saw with Michael is that the speed was still there most of the time, but sometimes there was some weakness in the skill. to adapt quickly to new situations,” he explained of the seven-time world champion.

Nico Rossberg and Michael Schumacher

Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher when they were teammates at Mercedes

“That he continues to drive like this is great,” smiled Rosberg, although he also assures that he knows that the Asturian’s best peak of form is already in the past. “I was very sad for him, I was very disappointed watching TV, because I wanted him to get on the podium.”

However, he was quick to find Alonso’s problems to blame : “I think Alpine also made a little mistake, it’s not just bad luck with all those virtual safety cars and all that, they could have entered the pitlane at some point, Just like Ferrari did. It was terrible to see him go down like that.”

One of the big questions that surrounds the figure of Fernando Alonso at the moment is whether, due to his age, he should leave F1 aside, especially now that the name of Oscar Piastri is on everyone’s lips and he is the young Alpine driver more promising, but still does not have a place in the category.

“I have a short and clear point of view,” assured Rosberg when raised the question of whether the Spaniard should take a step back, and leave his seat free for the new generation of drivers.

“Alonso is driving unbelievably so there should be no discussion about whether he is taking someone’s seat,” he continued, bluntly defending his old rival.

“Being where he is, he more than deserves it. The way he is riding is spectacular, he is loving it with fans all over the world, he is a great asset for Alpine.”

The 2016 champion did not want to finish his speech without leaving a message to some drivers, who he seems not to consider worthy of one of the 20 most exclusive seats in motorsport.

“Perhaps it should be other F1 drivers who make room for people like Piastri, but it definitely should not be Alonso,” he concluded, although not without assuring that he was going to be diplomatic and not mention any names.

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