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Sainz: "It wasn't a good qualifying, but we did a good job"

The Spanish Ferrari driver arrived at the Dutch Grand Prix feeling one step behind Red Bull after the race at Spa-Francorchamps, where Max Verstappen swept a car more like a rocket than a Formula One. 1.

However, at some points during free practice, the Italians showed up with their F1-75, making it clear that they would be a rival to be reckoned with in qualifying and in the race. For this reason, Carlos Sainz tried to beat the cars from Milton Keynes in Saturday’s session, the one that would decide the positions on the starting grid, but only a few thousandths separated him from his second pole position if that of the Great Belgian Prize [where he benefited from the sanction against Verstappen].

In his last attempt, the man from Madrid seemed to have the first place in his hand, but it vanished in the last meters, when both the reigning world champion and his teammate, Charles Leclerc, narrowly edged him out. In this way, Sainz will have to start on the weekend in which he has completed 28 years from third position, but with the hope of using the strategy of having two red cars on the lookout for the local driver.

“It was a clean lap with no mistakes,” said the Spaniard as soon as he got off the Ferrari. “I was only missing that last half tenth to overtake Charles [Leclerc] and Max [Verstappen]. I was at the limit, every meter of track that I could use and that I could push counted.”

“It hasn’t been a good qualifying from Q1 to Q3, but I think in the end we did a good job. After the first few rounds it looked like we were way behind Max, and that he had the winning hand, although after that I It has surprised how much we have been able to win in Q3”, admitted Sainz.

“That first lap should have given me the references for the second lap, where I improved three tenths, but if I had had a better first attempt, I would have been faster,” he said. “In qualifying we have been one tenth behind Max, and if it is like that in the race, we will be very close”.

“Normally on Sundays the Red Bulls, along with the Mercedes, seem to have something there that we haven’t had recently. If we go back to France or Austria, we did, and hopefully it’s more like those dates and we can stand up to Max”, assured the Spaniard on Sunday in Zandvoort.

When the Ferrari driver was put on the table if the Mercedes could be candidates to rival the Prancing Horse , he said: “I think they are going to be at least as fast as us, and I think they are going to be fighting after the stops” .

“It’s going to be a good battle with the other cars, and with the DRS it should be a bit easier to overtake with those extra 100 metres. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s not going to be as difficult as last season either. Or so I hope,” he said.

On the circuit , Sainz was clear in saying that driving was not easy: “It’s very hard, especially with these heavier cars. The track is especially demanding on the tyres, we have a lot of overheating during the lap, even in the long run. , so there’s a lot of degradation.”

“I think that tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Many things are going to happen, even if it is a difficult track to overtake, there will be many options with the strategies,” said the Spaniard.

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