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Sainz regrets his misfortune: "It has been an absolute disaster"

After two first Grand Prix in which Carlos Sainz did not feel comfortable at the wheel of the F1-75, after the first free practice sessions of the Australian GP, the Spaniard left very good feelings and it seemed that this weekend he could finally change his situation.

However, once he reached Q3 with one of the favorite cars to take pole, the first of his career in Formula 1, everything that could go wrong went wrong for the driver from Madrid.

Despite teammate Charles Leclerc taking pole, Sainz couldn’t even set a really competitive time. In his first attempt, a red flag caused by an accident by Alonso ruined his lap just a few meters from the finish line, while in what finally had to be the decisive lap, a problem with his car did not allow him to go out on the track when wanted and seriously damaged his last time.

As soon as he got out of the car and after seeing that tomorrow he will have to start from ninth position on the grid, the Spanish Ferrari driver was really angry and frustrated with all the events that had affected his performance in the last round of qualifying.

“We have had a Q3 that has been an absolute disaster. First with the red flag that has not allowed us to complete the lap at the beginning of the session, which if it had been valid, it would have been a good time to get up there in front, but it has come out the red flag just as he was about to cross the finish line.

“Then with the second set of tyres, the car wouldn’t start, we had everything ready to do a preparation lap and then pull, but for whatever reason the car wouldn’t start, we couldn’t react fast enough, we went out on track late, I had to do the lap with a cold tire and that’s why we are so far behind”.

“You have to analyze it, but the truth is that it has been a Q3 that above all has been a disaster,” added Carlos Sainz .

In reference to the race, in which he will be forced to come back to minimize damage, the man from Madrid recalled that the elimination of the last DRS zone in Albert Park will also play against him.

“They have taken away the fourth DRS zone, so overtaking will be much more complicated, also this weekend it seems that all the cars are a little closer, the Red Bulls and the Ferraris do not have that advantage that perhaps we did have the last time”.

“It’s going to be a difficult day tomorrow, but I’ll try to come back as much as I can,” Sainz concluded.

Carlos Sainz Jr, Ferrari F1-75

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