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Sainz reveals the only athlete he would be ashamed to meet

Carlos Sainz’s life has been related to motorsports since he was born, and that is because gasoline has always been breathed in his house. His father, the legendary Carlos Sainz Sr. , was a two-time world rally champion, and a real promoter of motor sport in Spain.

Thanks to his performances, thousands of children wanted to be a driver, and although the youngest of the Madrid family opted for the circuits, thanks in part to another compatriot who triumphed in Formula 1, a certain Fernando Alonso, he also has hobbies off the asphalt.

The current Ferrari driver has managed to gain a foothold in the highest category of motorsports thanks to his skills behind the wheel and sacrifice, but his love for golf is no secret. In an interview with the New York Times , the Spaniard spoke about a figure in this sport that he respects and would even be ashamed if he met her, and it is none other than Tiger Woods .

“He has a certain aura, a charisma,” Carlos Sainz acknowledged about the American myth. “He’s the guy who completely changed the history of his sport, I’ve always admired people who can change their sport, and Tiger [Woods] did exactly that. In my opinion, he’s had the biggest impact on his own sport.”

“Even now you can see something happening around him when he walks the golf course, and everyone wants him to win,” explained the Spaniard. “Despite all the controversy he’s been through, 99% of people still want to see him win. Think of another athlete who has that aura around him…there’s no other.”

“For me, it is also a case worthy of study, because it is very interesting to see how someone can be so charismatic, how everyone wants him to win, even if he has made mistakes. I think he is a fascinating character, and I hope that one day he will have the opportunity to meet him because he is a great hero,” said the Maranello team driver.

Carlos Sainz imagined that meeting in a hypothetical scenario, and recognized what would happen to many fans: “He is the only person I would be a little embarrassed to meet. It is strange to say that because I have already met Rafa Nadal and Michael Schumacher, but I think Tiger would impress me.”

Despite the fact that he always shows his passion for golf through his social networks, the man from Madrid believes that he could never have dedicated himself professionally to this sport for a simple reason: “I was born to run, to be good at it, and If I hadn’t been a driver, I doubt God would have blessed me with two great talents to be a golfer.”

“He gave me the one from the races, so I try to make the most of it, and at the moment, it’s not bad for me,” Sainz said. “I would have tried to be something else, but I wouldn’t have succeeded in golf because I think everyone is born with a purpose.”

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