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Save more than 500 euros a year with the new electricity bill

This Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the new electricity bill has come into force, and the Organization of Consumers and Users has compiled a series of tips with which we can save more than 500 euros per year. According to the Ministry of the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, the new model seeks to promote efficiency and energy savings.Use of electrical appliances The OCU recommends using electrical appliances during flat hours (intermediate price) or off-peak hours (low price). What happens if we always use the appliances during off-peak hours instead of peak hours (more expensive price)? We can save 573.83 euros a year, nothing more and nothing less. Now, making 100% of consumption during off-peak hours is very complicated since the section is from 00:00 to 08:00 hours from Monday to Friday. However, if we try to make a large part of the energy consumption during normal hours, the annual savings are also considerable, of more than 400 euros, with respect to peak hours.With current habits, as indicated by the OCU, users make the 45% of consumption during off-peak hours, 29% during peak hours and 26% during flat hours. Washing machine, dryer and dishwasher These are the three appliances that consume the most, so it is important that, as far as possible, we put them in flat or valley schedule. If we are not at home, we can schedule them, how much can we save? If we start them on a regular schedule from Monday to Friday about 90 euros a year (30 euros for each one). If we have the option of running at dawn or on weekends (off-peak hours), the savings can reach 130 euros per year.Oven and electric stove It is not easy at all to change lunch or dinner times, but if we have time we can take advantage of the weekends to cook some dishes. In this way, during the week we save time and money on the new electricity bill. Thermos The electric water heaters are put into operation when the sensor detects that the water is getting cold. To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, we can put a programmer in the socket so that it charges at dawn and turns off at 08:00 hours. If we are going to use hot water in the afternoon, we can also program it to work during normal hours. These are the tips from the Consumer and User Organization to save with the new electricity bill.

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