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The OCU's best tips to save in the shopping cart

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the prices of food products have increased significantly, due in part to the implementation of hygiene and safety standards in producing companies. The shopping basket has increased by 2.8% compared to the previous year and 64% of the products have increased their price. Therefore, it is more important than ever to consider the OCU’s advice for saving in the shopping cart .

Choose the supermarket well

The first thing is to choose the supermarket where we want to go shopping. According to the data provided by the Organization of Consumers and Users, Spaniards spend 4,986 euros a year in the supermarket , and we can save up to 971 euros by choosing the cheapest establishment. The cheapest chains are: Dani, Tifer, Economy Cash, Alcampo and Cash Fresh.

Organization is key

Just as in any other area of life, we have to organize ourselves. Making a detailed shopping list is always a good idea to avoid food waste . They are easy as looking in the refrigerator and in the pantry to know what we already have.

Choose the best time to go shopping

We believe that any time of the day is a good time to go to the supermarket. But no. According to the OCU experts, one of the best tips for saving in the shopping cart is to consider shopping as an activity and limit the time that we are going to dedicate to it. We must avoid going shopping hungry , because, otherwise, we will end up buying things that we should not.

Study the offers very well

All supermarkets have offers to capture the attention of customers, but we have to be very careful with them. From the Consumer Organization they warn that many times the offers are false savings because they force us to buy products in quantities that we do not need and then we do not consume.

White marks help us save

And finally, the best trick of all: choose the white marks to save. The price difference can be very significant .

Finally, we want to indicate that practically all supermarket chains have increased prices, although some have done so above the CPI. Mercadona (3.7%) and Alcampo (3.2%) are the ones that have made the prices of the products more expensive .

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