SportF1Schumacher's exmanager criticizes him, his wife and Todt

Schumacher's exmanager criticizes him, his wife and Todt

According to Michael Schumacher’s former manager, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion was “stingy”. Willi Weber ‘s statements about the German were revealed in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport , talking about his new book.

In this publication, entitled “Gasoline in the blood – Michael Schumacher”, he highlights his relationship with Michael, with specific details about the break between him and the ‘Schumi’ clan .

In addition, the book also talks about Ferrari, the team with which Schumacher won five F1 titles, but also about the driver’s family, as well as the former boss of the Maranello team, Frenchman Jean Todt, who is one of the main foci of criticism.

The former manager of the Kaiser explained how his relationship with Corinna , the wife of the seven-time champion, has been since the accident that left the German in a delicate state of health and, at this time, unknown.

“That day (of the accident), I was at an event, in a hotel, and my mobile phone rang. A friend told me that Michael had had a skiing accident, but that it did not seem serious. Then they told me that they were taking him to the hospital Weber explained.

“I called his wife and he didn’t answer me. I called Todt to ask if I should go to the hospital and he told me to wait: ‘it’s too soon’. I called the next day and nobody answered me anymore, I let a few days go by so as not to bother, but I understood that they wanted to leave me out.”

“That caused me a lot of pain. Since then, I have tried to contact Corinna hundreds of times. I can understand the situation they had at the beginning, but everything I have heard since has been lies. For Michael, I did my best and I always defended her private life, so I did not expect this behavior from her, “he acknowledged.

Corinna Schumacher

Corinna Schumacher, wife of Michael Schumacher

“It’s been so many years since that accident, why isn’t the family telling the truth?” Weber said.

“What would I tell him? That I will always be there for him, to fix everything. And I would also tell him: ‘I miss you.’ But years after the accident, I told myself that looking for family can’t change things.” He was like a son to me, even today it hurts to talk about it. He (Todt) is like Corinna.”

In his book, Weber claims to have advised Schumacher not to return to F1 in 2010 with Mercedes. However, the German ignored him and rode for the German team for a total of three seasons, losing to his compatriot Nico Rosberg in all of them.

“I can be my own manager,” was the Kaiser ‘s response, according to Weber. To which he thought: “I don’t think he realizes the effort and energy involved in being his manager. When others are the ones who always take care of everything, the work is never recognized, only the success…”, pondered the manager, who was even more angry when he learned that Sabine Kehm , until then Schumacher’s press agent, would be his new manager.

“How dare my ex-employee do something like that?” wrote Weber, who also called Michael “mean” on several occasions during his story, in which he defined him as “a colorblind who does not understand the color of a tomato” in reference to the breakup of their relationship.

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