AutoSeat's TGI range returns to Spain more efficient than...

Seat's TGI range returns to Spain more efficient than ever

Seat’s Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) and gasoline hybrid models are defined as the most economical, environmentally friendly, and most advantageous real alternative for the user due to their ECO label on the market for a heat engine. However, the Spanish firm has not wanted to leave us in doubt, but has chosen to prove it with facts. And it is that Seat has organized four routes with specialized press to connect the main Spanish cities (Madrid-Valencia-Barcelona, Madrid-Seville-Madrid, Madrid-Bilbao-Zaragoza, and Bilbao-Oviedo-Santiago de Compostela), using only CNG as fuel. The challenge: travel no less than 3,300 kilometers; The objective: to demonstrate that this TGI range from Seat –Ibiza, León and Arona– is the most economical on the market. Have they succeeded?

A CNG vehicle reduces its CO2 pollutant emissions by around 25% compared to its gasoline counterpart, and up to 75% NOx compared to a diesel. For its part, emissions of particles and SO2 are practically nil. Also, to its ecological and fiscal advantages, TGI technology provides an exceptional low cost per kilometer traveled and, now more than ever, the high autonomy that it is capable of providing.

The challenge has been carried out with the help of the entire TGI range , that is, with the Ibiza, the Leon five-door, the Leon Sportourer ST and the Arona. All of them have demonstrated the energy efficiency of Seat’s ECO models. In fact, for a traditional propulsion vehicle to obtain the same cost per kilometer, compared to a TGI model, it would have to present a real average consumption of 2.5 liters / 100 kilometers if it is a gasoline, and 2, 7 liters / 100 kilometers in the case of a diesel, something impossible to find in the current market. The results extracted from the four routes carried out have left us the following conclusions:

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