LivingSenolytic Platinum, the ultimate product to combat cellular aging

Senolytic Platinum, the ultimate product to combat cellular aging

Some diseases related to aging (such as osteoarthritis, cataracts, insulin resistance or neurodegeneration) have one factor in common: a cluster of altered or aged cells known as senescent cells, which are active in the body, but they cannot multiply. The accumulation of these cells is directly related to the aging of our body. For this reason, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, play sports frequently and, if possible, take a natural senolytic. In this sense, Senolytic Platinum, a product manufactured by Comdiet Roig Laboratories, is the definitive option to boost your health.

What is cellular senescence?

Cellular senescence, as we mentioned, is an irreversible stage in which the cell slows its proliferative capacity, although it remains metabolically active. These cells present inflammatory components that become the main responsible for aging.

Likewise, senescent cells create a secretory component that induces other younger cells to go into senescence. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate these cells and stop their progression.

Benefit of senolytics

Senolytics are compounds (natural or chemical) that have a target effect on this type of cells, since they promote their elimination and create a younger tissue. Given that aged cells can accumulate in any organ, the senolytic action of Fisetin, mainly, has a general effect on all organs, including the Central Nervous System, since it can cross the blood-brain barrier.

health improvement

It is scientifically proven that senolytics (including Senolytic Platinum) reduce the risk of diseases related to aging, slow down cellular aging and increase both the quality and life expectancy of people.

for all the people

This food supplement is designed for all those people who want to improve their general state of health and protect the main organs from the cellular alterations that accompany aging, while reinforcing their general state of immunity.

However, despite the fact that no adverse effects are known, it is recommended not to administer it to pregnant or lactating women. May increase anticoagulant effects in patients taking Warfarin and/or Acenocoumarol (Sintrom).

The power of fisetin

Fisetin, a flavonoid present in some fruits and vegetables (such as apples, strawberries or grapes) is a great fountain of youth. Among the benefits of Fisetin we can find the following:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • It has an anti-inflammatory action
  • It is a great neuroprotector
  • Reduce food allergies
  • It is hypolipidemic.
  • Protector of the cardiovascular system and to slow down the processes of cellular aging that can lead to the increase of cancerous tumors.

Thus, we can find this component in Senolytic Platinum from COMDIET, which contains Fisetin as its main element and also integrates other antioxidant components (such as black tea or vitamin C).

Endorsed by experts

Comdiet Roig Laboratories is one of the leading food supplement companies in Spain. Part of its success lies in the quality of its raw materials and its long history in the sector. In addition, the doctor, chemical engineer and sports specialist Jordi Ibáñez is behind this product.

Interview with Dr. Jordi Ibáñez

Dr. Ibáñez has more than 40 years of research behind him at the University of Barcelona. He has also participated in more than 35 medical publications in journals and conferences related to exercise, aging prevention, nutrition and preconditioning as a new health strategy. He is also the president of the ISCP ( International Society for Clinical Preconditioning ).

We talked to Dr. Ibáñez about cellular aging and the importance of nourishing our body with the best ingredients:

What is currently known about ageing?

The most solid theories regarding aging (genetic and error accumulation theory) indicate that the increase in the accumulation of errors in different cellular components gives way to altered or aged cells called senescent cells, which are still metabolically active but can no longer multiply. Most of the diseases related to aging are due to the accumulation of this type of cells in the different tissues of the body, creating dysfunctions of the organs that suffer from them.

So, one of the main causes of aging is the accumulation of senescent cells?

True, there is great interest throughout the world in finding elements that are capable of having a senolytic action or of eliminating senescent cells to extend the life of the general population and reduce age-related diseases.

How can we eliminate aged cells?

With two interventions; One is lifestyle, where medium to high intensity physical activity, at least 3 days a week, and caloric restriction, such as Intermittent Fasting, are essential. The most studied is the so-called 16/8 where you spend 16 hours without eating solids and 8 hours following a hygienic diet. The other intervention is the intake of a Senolytic.

What are senolytics and how are they taken?

Of the currently studied senolytics, there are some chemicals considered as drugs and others that are extracted from natural products. I am going to talk about the natural ones since the risk or side effects that their intake can cause are very low.

What is the natural senolytic that can be recommended?

Well, according to the most truthful studies published in the PubMed world bibliographic database, the following is known:

Of 10 of the best known flavonoids (phytonutrients found in fruits, vegetables and various plants) the most potent senolytic element found “in vitro” was Fisetin.

If we look at the “in vivo” action, which are the most real studies, the only natural product with senolytic action by itself was Fisetin, the others could not show such action.

Is Fisetin the only natural product that has senolytic action?

Currently yes, despite the fact that there are or will be many natural products that will come onto the market as senolytics, since the name sells a lot, the reality is that Fisetin is the only one that decreased senescence markers in different living tissues, restored homeostasis tissue (tissue balance), reduced age-related pathology and prolonged the average and maximum life in the animals studied.

In addition, Fisetin has surprised and excited the entire scientific community for its beneficial actions on health apart from senolytic activity. A recent article literally comments that “fisetin studies have opened Pandora’s Box”.

At what age can Senolytic Platinum be taken?

Senolytic Platinum is ideal to take from the age of 35, the approximate age at which cell repair begins to decrease, although from the age of 15 it could be taken to prevent the aforementioned alterations. There is even an article that has reported beneficial action for COVID patients.

What dose is recommended and what side effects can it have?

The dose is 2 capsules, which corresponds to 200 mg, but can be increased to 600 mg or more without any risk to health, the tolerance margins are very wide. As a Senolytic it can be taken intermittently, for example, every 3-month period, that is, it is taken for 3 months and the intake is stopped for 3 months, but it also depends on the degree of alteration or aging of each person.

When and how can the effects of Senolytic Platinum Treatment be seen?

It can be observed in the first months of treatment depending on the alterations that each person has, since it has a senolytic and repairing activity on different tissues.

We will still be informed of surprising effects since the beneficial effects continue to be published in the worldwide PubMed database.

Goodbye to cell damage

In short, this is a food supplement with high scientific support and whose benefits are fully analyzed. For now, Senolytic Platinum is only available on the Comdiet Roig website, where you will also find all the information regarding the product.

Switch to Senolytic Platinum and protect your cells from oxidative damage!

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