LivingSeven possible causes that explain your baby's crying, and...

Seven possible causes that explain your baby's crying, and how to identify them

Crying is our babies’ first way of expressing themselves, and it is through it that they communicate to us what is happening to them. It is therefore a biological function with a very important social character to which we must pay due attention.

Depending on what is happening to the baby, his crying can vary, in intensity, volume and frequency. But don’t get overwhelmed , little by little you will begin to identify each one of them, as you also get to know your baby better and as you strengthen the bond that unites you since he was in your womb.

If you are wondering what could be the causes of your baby’s crying , here we mention the most common ones and how to identify them.

Seven possible causes that explain your baby’s crying according to its characteristics


Through crying, our baby verbally communicates that he is hungry, this being the most common reason why babies cry. Generally, it is a very persistent type of crying that stops immediately once the baby is satisfied.

It is important to know that if he cries, it is already late , so we must anticipate his need and offer him the breast or bottle on demand as soon as we detect the first signs of hunger such as looking for the breast, clicking his tongue, putting his fist in his mouth. …


When babies are tired or sleepy, they often cry. It is their way of telling us that they want to rest and that they need us to provide them with a quiet space to sleep.

This type of crying starts out soft and increases in intensity . This ‘exhaustion cry’, as it is known, increases, until it reaches a point where it becomes monotonous, without ups or downs.

Some specialists call it ‘crying mantra’, alluding to the fact that it simulates being a baby’s mantra to be able to sleep.

It is important to know that the crying baby should not be left alone in the crib until he gets tired and falls asleep. This generates unnecessary stress with consequences for their development. The crying of the baby must always be attended, helping him to fall asleep in a loving way and understanding his needs.

Baby crying due to infant colic

Another common cause of crying in babies is the presence of infant colic, a type of pain that is not due to any type of digestive system disease (don’t worry), and that many babies have. Its real cause is unknown, but it is pointed to the immaturity of the digestive system. If your baby presents them and you have doubts, consult your pediatrician.

This type of crying is very intense, sharp and continuous, and is characterized by appearing together with sudden movements of the baby trying to bring his legs towards the abdominal area. These colic usually last until the baby is 3 or 4 months old, and go away on their own.

uncomfortable temperature

Another cause of crying babies is the unpleasant thermal sensation, that is, if they feel very cold or hot. For this we must be aware of the indicators that tell us if this is the problem . In the case of heat it is easy to identify, as there may be sweat or reddening of the baby’s skin. Many times we overdress them and this may be the cause.

In the case of cold, we must pay attention to your hands and feet, although it is normal for them to be colder than the rest of the body. To keep them warm, it is generally enough for them to wear one more layer of warmth than adults, which is usually a bodysuit or an undershirt.

Another kind of discomfort

Through their crying our babies tell us that they feel uncomfortable , this may be due to the position they are in and even the way we hold them. Just by changing position this crying stops.

But we must pay attention to all the elements that can cause discomfort, such as needing a diaper change, being near a source of intense light that can bother your eyes, the labels on your clothes can irritate your skin, the texture of some fabrics, etc.

baby crying in pain

When our baby has some pain, he will express it to us through crying. This type of crying is easy to identify, since it is usually very sharp , even many parents define it as a kind of scream.

In these cases, we must ensure that there is no source of pain, such as, for example, some element of the place where the baby is that may be causing some type of damage.

The eruption of the teeth (which usually occurs around six months, and may also be before or after), can also cause pain and therefore crying. Although it is a more complaining cry and we will see that he also puts his hands in his mouth and tries to bite everything.

Need for reassurance and comfort

Sometimes our babies tell us that they are being overstimulated through their crying. This can happen when they are exposed to many elements , and even when there are many people around them, especially if they are visitors.

Overstimulation can also occur when we play with the baby for too long and this is exhausting for him (and he will let us know by crying). You just need a little peace of mind.

It can also be simply because our baby is nervous or needs us to provide security and comfort. The arms are a basic need of the baby, like eating or sleeping and it is normal for him to cry to express that he seeks contact and pampering from dad or mom.

Crying: something natural and healthy

It is perfectly normal for a healthy child to cry ; On average, a newborn baby cries an average of between 1 to 3 hours a day, mainly indicative of hunger, thirst, sleep, discomfort, etc.

And above all, remember that the baby also cries because he wants you close , he needs you; You are his home and his refuge. It is his way of communicating with you now that he cannot speak yet, of telling you I need you, I want you close, I want your warmth and your love.

Even so, if you see that your baby’s crying is very frequent and does not calm down after eating or sleeping, it is important to go to a specialist. Consult your trusted pediatrician for a better assessment if you have any doubts.

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