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Sex Fake News: Facts About Sex You Wouldn't Believe Is Fake

Production: Jesús Nicolás

Sexuality is one of the most important and significant dimensions of the human being. The way we live our sexuality is influenced by what we like or think we like, by the experiences we live with others … but also by many myths, false beliefs that still circulate around sex today.

In this video we are not going to talk about the classic myths: we all know that masturbation is good for our health and that it does not cause blindness. On the contrary, we are going to disprove some false beliefs that even the most informed person may have assumed to be true. You too?


The nutritional properties of semen

The famous claims about the nutritional value of semen have no scientific basis. That does not mean that some people find it exciting to do these practices, and that can be totally healthy.


The magical and elusive G-spot

For sexologists, talking about the G-spot, both male and female, is somewhat incorrect. In men, the prostate is an erogenous zone that, if properly stimulated, can cause a lot of pleasure and, of course, cause an orgasm.

In the case of women, there is no so-called G-spot. The clitoris is the center of female pleasure, and this organ extends several centimeters inside the body. What some women call the G-spot is just another way to access the clitoris, this time from inside the vagina.


Anal sex transmits more infections

It doesn’t have to. In any sexual practice that is not carried out with the necessary security, there is a risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as gonorrhea, syphilis, or some type of papillomavirus. And what about AIDS? HIV is frequently associated with the practice of anal sex, but care must be taken not to stigmatize this practice or HIV-positive people.

HIV is normally transmitted through blood, or blood with other fluids. During anal sex there may be the situation of a slight tear or microcracks. If this occurs, there may be a contact of the penis with the partner’s blood. This is the only reason the two practices are frequently associated.


Female ejaculation

He is another legendary sex figure; many and many are used to seeing this practice in pornographic films, but they do not know if the truth exists; or they even suffer frustration when they cannot do it with their partners or on their own.

In this case, female ejaculation does exist. It is a phenomenon that the scientific community began to study a very short time ago. Scientists distinguish squirting from female ejaculation. Although they seem synonymous, they have some differences. And as for the physiological role of this fluid in women, that is, its adaptive function, for the moment, is unknown.

Slaves and Disabled: Forced Medical Test Volunteers

The main problem to carry out medical research is to have willing volunteers for it. And if they come out for free, much better. This is the story of unethical behavior in medical research.

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