NewsSixth fatality after a rampage in Trier in December...

Sixth fatality after a rampage in Trier in December 2020

In the rampage on December 1 last year in Trier, five people were initially killed. Now a 77-year-old died after long hospital stays.

Trier – Almost a year after the rampage in Trier, there is a sixth fatality. A then seriously injured 77-year-old died last Friday, as the city administration announced on Sunday in coordination with the bereaved.

He was the husband of a 73-year-old woman who was killed immediately in the rampage on December 1, 2020.

According to the information, the 77-year-old was in clinics for a long time and only recently returned home from rehab. “A few days after his wife’s funeral, which he was still able to witness, he relapsed and was taken to the hospital again. He didn’t recover from the consequences, ”it said.

Mayor Wolfram Leibe (SPD) said according to the announcement: “I extend our condolences to the relatives on behalf of the city of Trier. We and the family mourn after this further severe stroke of fate and wish the relatives a lot of strength. ”Leibe announced that the city council meeting this Monday (October 25th) will begin with a minute’s silence for the deceased.

Five people were initially killed in the rampage. In addition, many people were injured. A man had raced through the pedestrian zone in his off-road vehicle and hit people in a targeted manner. A German has been a suspected perpetrator before the Trier district court since August 19, 2021. The prosecution initially accused him of five murders and tried murder in 18 other cases. dpa

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