Trier commemorate the victims of the rampage

One year after the rampage in Trier, there was the first large memorial service for the victims. Sadness and sadness are still great: a city empathizes.

Lots of sun and little rainfall in autumn

The autumn weather showed itself without major outliers this year, apart from a violent storm. The measuring stations of the German Weather Service recorded a lot of sunshine - and in the end a lot of snow.

BGH decides on millions in compensation for Kohl's widow

Memoir writer Heribert Schwan published details from personal conversations with Helmut Kohl in a book. The former chancellor should receive one million euros in compensation. Does the money go to his widow?

Trier mayor: "rampage is part of the history of our city"

A year after the fatal rampage in Trier, the city is still mourning. On the coming anniversary, relatives will commemorate the five fatalities in a service.

Allegations against study by Biontech / Pfizer

Incorrectly labeled samples, incorrectly stored vaccine, slow reactions to side effects: a whistleblower makes many allegations about a study on the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine.

After an accident: the Rhine remains closed for the time being

The Rhine near Karlsruhe remains closed for a distance of 30 kilometers. An excursion ship and a tanker got stuck at the beginning of the week, among other things because of the low water level.

Two ships wrecked on the Rhine – shipping closed

A passenger cabin ship with 90 passengers on board has been stuck on the Rhine since Monday night. Now another ship was added.

Sixth fatality after a rampage in Trier in December 2020

In the rampage on December 1 last year in Trier, five people were initially killed. Now a 77-year-old died after long hospital stays.


Winter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise" in the north

Many hope for a white Christmas. Currently, however, the weather is increasingly making the roads slippery. The snowfall also lasts.

Five dead discovered in house in Brandenburg – police investigate after terrible find

Terrible find near Berlin: the police discovered several dead people in a house in Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg.

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The most threatened animals of the year

A species is classified as endangered when its population has declined between 50% and 70% or less than 250 adult individuals.

Man encountered in Munich in front of the S-Bahn – serious injuries

They got into an argument, then a man in Munich pushed another in front of the train. The victim was seriously injured.