LivingTravelSlugging en Washington DC: sluglines, carpooling instantáneo

Slugging en Washington DC: sluglines, carpooling instantáneo

Slugging is a term used to describe a unique way to get from Northern Virginia to Washington, DC using carpooling or instant slug lines. Slugging is an organized system where people traveling to the city stop to pick up other passengers (even if they are completely strangers!). There are established rules and specific pickup and drop-off locations to make it a beneficial solution to many transportation problems.

Thousands of commuters get to work for FREE in one fell swoop. The passenger saves money and gets to work faster than by bus, subway or train.

The driver saves time because he can use the HOV lanes (3 or more occupants required). Slugs are also a great way to cut gas mileage and help the environment. Northern Virginia has had some form of slugging since HOV lanes were built in the 1970s. Sounds like a good idea that should be popular in Maryland too!

To find out how to enter, visit

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