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So you can know if you are addicted to sex

Sex addiction is also known as ‘donjuanismo’ and the person who suffers from it tends, as a general rule, to practice compelling sex. The behaviors develop repetitively and often have a compulsive nature, always being aimed at the practice of sex, or masturbation. The general direct activation of the brain’s reward system produces such a strong reward that you may even neglect professional occupations or housework in your daily life because of this addiction.

The diagnosis usually includes a series of behavioral and physical symptoms, among which are abstinence, tolerance and a strong desire to have sex. Once the repetitive pattern of sex has developed, the patient can spend a great deal of time obtaining and consuming that type of sex.

Causes of sex addiction

The causes are very varied and have aspects common to factors derived from the evolutionary process of the sufferer, such as the presence of a problematic and unstructured family, child abuse or social failure. In some cases, the personality traits themselves can facilitate the development of this type of addiction, which, according to some research, affects 6% of the population.

Main symptoms of sex addiction

We list them below:

1. There must be a problem pattern that causes significant impairment or discomfort.

2. It must be given a high frequency and very long in time, that is, it takes up a lot of time in your daily life.

3. Existence of a persistent desire or effort that has resulted in the failure to abandon or control the performance of sex.

4. That a lot of time is invested in the pursuit of sex and its practice, as well as a vigorous and active desire or desire to consume sex.

5. Coexist with repeated consumption that entails a breach of fundamental duties at work, school or home, as well as the abandonment of social, professional or leisure activities.

6. That causes persistent and recurring social or interpersonal problems, which are generated by the practice of sex.

7. Continue having sex despite knowing that there is a persistent or recurring psychological problem, generating low self-esteem.

8. Urgent need to have sex to achieve the same desired effect that it initially caused.

9. Presence of withdrawal syndrome caused by not having sex.

10. In many cases, sexual behavior is presented in a promiscuous way, accompanied by deception and lies.

About the treatment

One of the most used techniques in the treatment of sex addiction is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has been shown to have a high percentage of success and effectiveness in teaching the patient to manage and control the compulsion towards sex, in addition to provide you with tools to improve your quality of life and your interpersonal relationships.

By: Vicente Alcántara Aceituno, member of Saluspot and general health psychologist at the Vicente Alcántara Psychologist Consultation.

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