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Spanish country calling code and special rate prefixes

The international code to call Spain is +34.

More about telephones in Spain

  • Make international calls in Spain if you have a compatible phone

Calling Spain from the United States

Dial 011, followed by 34, followed by the phone number. So if the number in Spain is 912345678, from the US it would be 01134912345678.

Calling Spain from elsewhere in Europe

Dial 00, followed by 34, followed by the phone number. So, if the number in Spain is 912345678, from Europe it would be 0034912345678.

Call Spain from a non-Spanish cell phone

Dial +, followed by 34, followed by the phone number. So, if the number in Spain is 912345678, from Europe it would be +34912345678.

Calling Spain from Spain

Unlike many other countries, Spain does not add a 0 to the number when calling a number within Spain. If you are given the international version of a number, say +34 923232323, the number you dial from a Spanish phone will be simply 923232323.

How to recognize different types of numbers in Spain

All Spanish phone numbers have nine digits. Most are geographic numbers with standard calling charges, but some will be expensive. Check out these special rate numbers below.

Low price phone numbers

800 and 900: Free
901 and 904: Shared cost (between the caller and the receiver). The caller pays around 4c.
902: between local and provincial. 4c-7c, depending on the time of day.

Keep in mind that these numbers may not be cheaper from a cell phone and may actually cost more than a standard call.

Premium rate phone numbers

All other numbers starting with 90 or 80 are expensive, with prices reaching at least 1 euro per minute!

Be especially careful when calling from a cell phone.

Many of these numbers also have standard ‘geographic’ numbers. See No More Numbers 900. Put the company name or phone number in the search box at the top and click “Search Directly” to find a cheaper alternative number.

Spanish area codes

It is not necessary to know these codes, as no one in Spain will omit any number when listing their number. In Spain, all telephone numbers have nine digits and they are all required.

Still, if you want to know where a number is based, you can check out this list.

A Coruña – 981
Alava – 945
Albacete – 967
Alicante – 96
Almeria – 950
Asturias – 98
Avila – 920
Badajoz – 924
Balearic Islands – 971
Barcelona – 93
Burgos – 947
Cáceres – 927
Cadiz – 956
Cantabria – 942
Castellón – 964
Ceuta – 956
Ciudad Real – 926
Cordoba – 957
Cuenca – 969
Guipúzcoa – 943
Girona – 972
Grenada – 958
Guadalajara – 949
Huelva – 959
Huesca – 974
Jaen – 953
La Rioja – 941
Las Palmas – 928
Leon – 987
Lleida – 973
Lugo – 9829
Madrid – 91
Malaga – 95
Melilla – 95
Murcia – 968
Navarra – 948
Orense – 988
Palencia – 979
Pontevedra – 986
Salamanca – 923
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – 922
Segovia – 921
Seville – 95
Soria – 975
Tarragona – 977
Teruel – 978
Toledo – 925
Valencia – 96
Valladolid – 983
Biscay – 94
Zamora – 980
Zaragoza – 976

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