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Spring Break in Florida

Florida is and will forever be one of the Lowest 48’s hottest spring break spots. Endless beaches, sunny days, and warm waters drive student travelers south to hit the sand and surf in March and April during Florida spring break, so where to go?

On this page, learn about Key West (great), Daytona Beach (gradually following the path of the dinosaur), and South Beach (soon to be a bigger scene); on the next page, the drop in Panama City.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, on the central east coast, enjoys mild temperatures, both air and water range from 75 to 80 degrees – perfect for boogie boarding or lazing on the beach. Daytona Beach is out like a top ten hot spot, though – whoever you like Panama City, Key West or Miami road more better (see below).

If you’re heading to Daytona Beach for an increasingly boring (but always warm and less crowded) spring break in Florida, check out the Dawn Henthorn pages here, where you can expect to find information like this, which comes from List of Dawn beach regulations:

“Driving is allowed on the beach during daylight hours from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset, with the exception of the turtle nesting season, which runs from May 1 to October 31, at which point the hours are set from 8:00 a.m. 7:00 pm Driving conditions on the beach are sometimes bad during high tides and the beach may be closed to vehicles, yet it is always accessible to pedestrians.

Learn more:’s Guide to Daytona Beach
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The Florida Keys and Key West

Learn travel basics about Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, and Key West – Dawn Henthorn includes her in-depth information such as a directory of internet cafes and a collection of safety tips.

With daytime air and water temperatures in the mid-80s, visitors to the Florida Keys will want to get out there and stay, save for forays into charming open-air restaurants (try a crab soup) and hot nights at cool bars. . Nighttime temperatures are cool, and the island breeze keeps the Keys comfortable 24 hours a day. Scuba divers will find underwater paradise in the beautiful blue and azure waters, and a little hunting will uncover deserted beaches if that’s your bag.

After spending a winter in Key West many moons ago, I can report that it may be the most exotic getaway you can find without leaving the country. The residents are fiercely independent and call their people “The Republic of the Shell” (shells are shelled sea creatures that are eaten in every way imaginable in Key West). The “Conchs,” as the citizens like to be called, muttered about separating from the United States several years ago; that didn’t happen, of course, but it shows what kind of people are drawn to this island at literally the end of the road (Highway A1A – drive; it’s a good road trip).

Key West is a charming and funky place: for example, residents and tourists gather each night on a pier to applaud the moment when the descending sun touches the horizon at sea level. Why? Who knows, just another interesting quirk in this eclectic city. Read more about the Key West pirate, private past, and sunny present here.

Key West is also very welcoming to gay visitors, part of its long legacy of living and letting live – learn more about gay spring break in Florida.

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Miami y South Beach

Miami and especially South Beach are giving Panama City some serious competition for Florida spring break, and they have Daytona Beach just off the Florida spring map. It’s not friendly to you, Fort Lauderdale doesn’t want you , but the heat of the South Beach hostel scene (check out Jazz’s South Beach hostel!) Is a sign of student-friendly times, as are some specials on spring break in South Beach. A very good club scene is the order of the night in South Beach, are you ready?

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Spring Break in Panama City and Panama City Beach

Panama City is a very welcoming place for Florida spring break, more so than (for example) Daytona Beach, which continues to spin down, down, and out in 2012. And Panama City has an open, gold and white beach that is easy to get to from anywhere (take Amtrak almost there and get a 15% student discount).

Temperatures in this small town on Florida’s Gulf Coast range into the 70s during the day and it’s cold enough at night to pack a sweater. Read more about Panama City and Panama City Beach:

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And what you need if you’re going to the beach in Panama City for Spring Break 2012:

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Spring Break in Florida

Florida for spring break will forever be one of the best places in the United States and the world, but I know that not everyone in the Sunshine State wants you there in March and April if you are under 25 years old. Read more:

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The rest of the hot spots for 2012

So, besides Florida Spring Break, where’s the other action for 2012? Get skinny on this 2012 destination list: Cancun tops the best spots again, and new passport rules keep Puerto Rico (no passport and a reasonable drinking age) on the run; Lake Havasu and Vegas, still nowhere; Europe: way. The hot spots for 2012:

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And the mothership:

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