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St Kilda, one of the most beautiful places in Scotland

Nicknamed "the islands at the end of the world" , this archipelago was famous for being abandoned by the native population of less than 100 people in 1930, remaining that way until 1957 when a small military base was established. Currently, the military base is home to the island's only permanent residents , so it is generally uninhabited. It is a fascinating window into the past. It is also home to a rare and extensive variety of bird, animal and plant species.

Scotland's most remote place is part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Hirta is the largest island and the only one that tourists can visit.

Other spectacular corners of our planet are : the Isle of Arran, the Trossachs, Balnakeil Beach, the Cairngorms National Park, Loch Ness, the Gray Mare's Tail Nature Reserve, Dornoch Firth, the Isle of Skye, the Ben Nevis mountain or the forests of Faskally.

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