What nobody tells you about the first 24 hours with your baby

There is no appointment that instills a more intense mix of feelings than the birth of your baby. Nine months of waiting, childbirth (which is one of the most complex moments a woman can experience), and the face-to-face encounter with that little person you've dreamed of so many times and who is now finally in your arms. , is the prelude to an unforgettable period of time, due to the amount of emotions that it brings behind it.

Elizabeth II, the first of the British royalty who wanted her husband present at childbirth, back in the 60s

Today it seems normal to us that the father is present during the birth of his baby, but more than half a decade ago it was something very unusual, as if the arrival into the world of a child conceived by two people was an act that only concerned to the woman.

53 beautiful phrases to congratulate a birth and welcome a new life

Do you have a loved one who has just become a mom or a dad? Would you like to congratulate her on the birth of her baby in a loving and original way?

How to organize with the older brother when mom is going to give birth

When we are no longer new mothers we have sharpened the power to organize everything automatically and contemplate possible changes of script before they occur. One of those moments in which we put to the test everything we have learned with a good previous organization is the arrival of the second child: labor can start at any time and it is necessary to contemplate all possible scenarios so that your brother lives it in a calm way. and be a good experience for him.

How to prepare the house for the arrival of the baby

When the birth of the baby approaches, there is a kind of "check list" that can make your life much easier if you prepare it in advance. It is true that in general we all suffer from the nest syndrome when the time approaches, but there are some other things that we do not usually take into account, until we see ourselves with the baby in our arms thinking "I should have done this before.. ."

Newborn's First Breath: How Your Baby Starts to Breathe

Throughout the pregnancy, the baby's respiratory system is being formed until the complete maturation of the lungs around week 36 or 37.

The essential role of the father in childbirth: mom and baby need you

Fortunately, behind are those times when the father awaited the birth of his heir from the other side of the door while smoking one cigar after another and walking like a caged lion. Before childbirth was a women's thing and men had no place in this ritual.

Getting pregnant in September: pros, cons and when will your baby be born

Being a mother is not a decision that is made from one day to the next. There are many things to take into account and one of them is usually what time is the most appropriate for pregnancy and the birth of the baby. But that is only an intention, because like women achieving a pregnancy is not "I want it and I have it", but it can take months and even years to arrive.


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