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The essential role of the father in childbirth: mom and baby need you

Fortunately, behind are those times when the father awaited the birth of his heir from the other side of the door while smoking one cigar after another and walking like a caged lion. Before childbirth was a women’s thing and men had no place in this ritual.

The father’s role in childbirth has evolved in recent years and today he can witness the birth of his child, not as a mere spectator but involved in the process, playing an essential role in supporting the mother and being a participant in one of the most special moments of his life.

Present from the childbirth preparation classes

The man does not begin to act as a father when the baby is born, but as soon as the couple finds out that they are expecting a baby. Its role in the pregnancy is also essential, both as a support for the future mother and to begin to establish an affective bond with the baby within the mother’s womb.

The childbirth classes are an ideal opportunity for both of you to learn about the physiology of childbirth, caring for the baby, and also share the experience with other couples who are in the same situation.

Being informed in advance , even if it is not for new parents to know the theory about what will happen at the time of delivery, will help to have the way paved when it occurs.

How to act in the moment of truth

From the beginning of the first labor contractions, the father is a very necessary support for the woman . You can help her cope with the dilation period, accompanying her, relieving pain with massages and offering what she may need at all times, both at home and in the hospital.

It is desirable that he be the one who takes care of the logistical and organizational issues such as making sure that you carry the hospital bag, knowing in advance the path you will take, bringing the necessary documentation and completing the required paperwork.

Although most women prefer the company of their partner at the time of delivery, some choose their mother, sister or only the midwife as companions. If this is the case, it would be advisable to discuss it in advance so that the father does not feel relegated and can understand the reasons of his partner.

At the moment of birth, although it is the woman who experiences it physically, for both it is a very strong experience from the emotional point of view. Childbirth is yours too . The union that one feels with the couple at that moment is difficult to explain to those of us who have lived it. Seeing and feeling a child being born is an experience that will never be forgotten, the highest expression of love, that of having given life . Together.

The active participation of the man will depend a lot on where and how the delivery occurs. You may feel a little lost in helping your wife, but being confident, loving, and encouraging is the best way to go.

If she has freedom of movement, the man can support her, let her hang from his arms or hold her in the positions that she adopts, whenever she wishes. There are women who prefer not to be touched.

A very beautiful moment that the father can star in is the possibility of cutting the umbilical cord, one more way to get involved in the baby’s arrival. It symbolizes the union that mother and child have maintained, through which it has received oxygen through the mother until it takes its first breath at birth.

During its first hours of life, the baby needs you

Once the baby is born, the first thing he needs is physical contact with his mother. It should not be separated from your side. Ideally, the first check-ups, such as measuring and weighing it, wait if the baby is healthy, although they are usually carried out in the delivery room itself, or if the child is taken to an adjoining room, it is the father who accompanies the baby in this first revision.

Skin-to-skin contact is essential for the newborn and the father can also help in this, as well as facilitate the early establishment of breastfeeding.

When he has the opportunity, once they are calm, the father can also practice skin-to-skin contact with the baby, and of course, he can replace the mother if she cannot do it at first . It consists of maintaining direct contact with the child while holding him on his bare chest to transmit warmth, protection and affection .

The first days after birth, father and son will get to know each other little by little. Their caresses, their arms and their words will help to establish a very special bond between them.

As you can see, the role of the father in childbirth is fundamental for the mother and the baby . Both need your essential support and affection in such a special moment for the family.

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