When the couple's relationship falters due to problems in raising children: what we can do as parents

It is common that we do not share all our tastes with our partner, that we have personalities, styles of doing things and even different life philosophies. Perhaps those differences have gone unnoticed or do not imply any conflict in the relationship, but when the discrepancies are related to raising children, things change.

Arguing in front of the children: what should we take into account

Although we know that life is not always a bed of roses, surely we all want our relationship to be harmonious and positive. However, and this is a fact of life, there will be times when we have differences with our partner.

Do not complain about your partner in front of the children!: This is how criticism between their parents affects children

Complaining at a given moment is completely normal. Complaints help us to let off steam and it is human to verbalize our discomfort when we feel that we can no longer.

The role of the father in the first weeks of the baby's life

Fortunately, times have changed and we have proven that the father's role in parenting is very important for both mother and baby from minute one. Fortunately for everyone, behind are the times when he was a mere spectator (and sometimes not even that), in the intense and difficult first weeks of his son.

From being a couple to being a family: how the arrival of the baby affects our relationship

Becoming parents is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world (for many), it brings exponential love, tenderness, it leads you to give your best ... but also the worst: it is tiring, exhausting and sometimes frustrating. What is clear is that parenthood changes us, and not only does it individually, it also changes our relationship as a couple. Now you are not two, you are three, and the third is your baby, a tiny being that needs care and attention 24 hours. Where is the couple? Does becoming a parent always negatively affect our relationship? Is it possible to survive?

The essential role of the father in childbirth: mom and baby need you

Fortunately, behind are those times when the father awaited the birth of his heir from the other side of the door while smoking one cigar after another and walking like a caged lion. Before childbirth was a women's thing and men had no place in this ritual.

The nine reasons not to ask a couple when they will have children

Having children (or not having them) is a decision that corresponds solely to the couple. However, it can happen that both family and friends insist on asking when they will have children, without stopping to think before speaking.

How does the arrival of the second baby affect the couple, more or less than the first?

After the birth of the first child, great changes take place in the couple's relationship. They go from being two to three, from being a couple to a family. Everything now revolves around the baby, routines change to meet their needs, roles change ... Both are released as parents and naturally this affects the relationship that is going through a transformation process.


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