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The best 13 childbirth preparation books for the arrival of this special moment

The moment of childbirth is a unique and special moment, and it is important that we arrive at it calm, informed and prepared. The information empowers, and facilitates us the access to the childbirth that we want, a respected childbirth where we are the protagonists, together with our baby.

We can inform ourselves in multiple ways; however, it is advisable to always do it in the hands of accredited professionals, experts in the sector. The different books, guides and manuals on childbirth preparation can be an interesting source of information.

We bring you a selection of 13 childbirth preparation books , prepared by midwives and other experts in the sector, all of them professionals in the field of female reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth. In some you will also find information on pregnancy and postpartum.

13 childbirth preparation books

Mom for the First Time, by Beatriz Iglesias

Within this guide, those questions that you may have at this moment that you now face, and that often fills you with doubts and uncertainty, will be addressed.

Simple language has been used, without technicalities or fancy words, because the objective is to achieve effective communication with those who read and wish to clarify everything related to pregnancy, its stages and everything that comes with giving life to a new being.

It has not been a random investigation, each chapter is based on current medical research, where it is desired to provide useful tools for each reader regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, what items are important to bring to the hospital, etc.

Mamá por Primera Vez: El libro más completo para afrontar de forma consciente el embarazo y los primeros meses de maternidad

Mom for the First Time: The most complete book to consciously face pregnancy and the first months of motherhood

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Your First Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know, by Sofía Navarro

Pregnancy is known as one of the most important and intense periods in a woman’s life, and it is essential to prepare for it in the best possible way. After all, if you’re reading this, you know better than I do how much everything changes compared to the life you led before.

If you are in the first trimester, your body is changing rapidly both physiologically and hormonally, and you are surely feeling these changes physically and emotionally. But even if you are in a more advanced phase, you continue to experience new feelings, situations and sensations.

And Sofía knows it perfectly, since she herself has lived it and has studied this process in depth. This book, based on the latest research and verified information, will be your complete guide on this journey, from the first day of pregnancy to the third month of the child’s life.

Tu Primer Embarazo: Todo lo que Necesitas Saber. Una guía práctica y completa sobre el embarazo semana a semana, el parto y los tres primeros meses de vida del bebé

Your First Pregnancy: Everything you need to know. A practical and complete guide to pregnancy week by week, childbirth and the first three months of the baby’s life

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Hypnobirthing: Preparation for a positive birth, by Miss Carmen Moreno

The birth of your baby can be an enriching and positive experience that you look back on with pride and satisfaction. Staying calm and feeling safe is essential for labor to progress naturally.

Gain confidence in your ability to give birth and replace your fear and anxiety about childbirth with confidence and security. Hypnobirthing or hypnobirthing changes your perception of childbirth through information and practical exercises. In the book you will find 19 practical exercises, 23 informative chapters based on scientific evidence and a guided meditation audio.

Hipnoparto: Preparación para un parto positivo

Hypnobirthing: Preparation for a positive birth

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The matron answers. Childbirth preparation course, by Sonsoles Iglesias

The preparation classes for childbirth or maternal and paternal education are based on the need to inform about the most important aspects that should be known about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, newborn, breastfeeding and parenting.

Currently there are many doubts and myths about childbirth and everything that happens after it, requiring a document that records the updated content on the subject. Therefore, this book was born with the aim of helping and informing all interested people.



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Practical manual of childbirth: postures and exercises that relieve pregnancy discomfort and facilitate childbirth, by Susana Bravo Ferrón

This “Practical Childbirth Manual” is focused on helping those couples for the moment of the birth of their baby. A book from which numerous resources will be obtained to cope with the birth process in the best possible way, having tools that we can use easily, safely and effectively for that much-desired moment.

As you read this book, you will get many resources, from active exercises to do during contractions to relaxation techniques to rest between contractions.

This guide has been prepared from the workshops on postures for childbirth as a couple that I have been teaching for several years in person and online due to the Pandemic. The postures and techniques proposed in this book are safe, easy to do at home and with excellent results during childbirth.

MANUAL PRÁCTICO DEL PARTO: Manual práctico y sencillo sobre posturas y ejercicios que alivian molestias del embarazo y facilitan el parto.

PRACTICAL CHILDBIRTH MANUAL: Practical and simple manual on postures and exercises that relieve pregnancy discomfort and facilitate childbirth.

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Guide to a conscious pregnancy: Everything you need to know to take charge of your pregnancy and childbirth, by Laia Casadevall

More and more women are seeking a change in the care they receive during pregnancy and childbirth. This book is an information and dissemination manual about pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium in our current context.

A tool in which you will find truthful, objective and scientific information about this entire vital process, and that will help you take control and lead your pregnancy with your own decisions.

“Although most women should be able to reach the end of pregnancy with the consideration of normal pregnancy, the reality is that few of them reach term without having undergone too many tests or interventions […].”

«A process that is often experienced as an obstacle course and that women often live with anxiety and uncertainty, when it should be lived from information and trust.»

Guía para un embarazo consciente: Todo lo que necesitas saber para tomar las riendas de tu embarazo y el parto (Libro práctico)

Guide to a conscious pregnancy: Everything you need to know to take control of your pregnancy and childbirth (Practical book)

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Your First Pregnancy: The practical guide for new mothers to deal with pregnancy week after week, childbirth and even the first months of the baby’s life, by Cristina Delcanto

A practical guide for new mothers, with information on pregnancy week by week, childbirth and the first months of the baby’s life. This is what you will find in this book:

  • Tips to overcome the first stage of pregnancy safely.
  • What nutrients to take and what supplements.
  • What to expect from each quarter: the 40 weeks examined chapter by chapter.
  • Infections and dangerous diseases: the symptoms that you should never underestimate.
  • How to prepare for childbirth: choosing the best type of delivery for you.
  • Check-list for the hospital and the baby.
  • All the useful items you should buy to avoid being caught off guard in the first few months.
  • Strollers, baby carriages, prams compared.
  • … and much more.
Tu Primer Embarazo: La guía práctica para que las madres primerizas lidian con el embarazo semana tras semana, el parto y hasta los primeros meses de vida de bebé

Your First Pregnancy: The practical guide for new mothers to deal with pregnancy week after week, childbirth and even the first months of baby’s life

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Being a mom Guide to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with evidence and emotion: Guide To Pregnancy, Childbirth And Postpartum With Evidence And Emotion, by Nazareth Olivera Belart

This manual for mothers-to-be talks about the nine months of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period based on scientific evidence and, at the same time, from a perspective that is absolutely respectful of the baby and the mother, listening to their needs, resolving doubts and covering all the options without tendencies, to give tranquility, serenity and confidence.

Each woman must choose what is best for her and her baby. The author explains the processes of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, in a concise but entertaining way. From the development of the baby week by week and the changes that are going to take place in the woman’s body, to the different emotions that she could experience.

Ser mamá. Guía de embarazo, parto y posparto con evidencia y emoción: Guía Del Embarazo, Parto Y Posparto Con Evidencia Y Emoción (Embarazo, bebé y crianza)

Being a mom Guide to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with evidence and emotion: Guide to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with evidence and emotion (Pregnancy, baby and parenting)

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Birth Guide by Ina May Gaskin

Without the need for an institution, a hospital or doctors, these women began delivering each other in a caravan of hippie school buses to share their knowledge of childbirth and motherhood throughout rural Tennessee.

This book allows us to understand how these women and their families changed their conceptions about childbirth, in addition to showing an independent lifestyle in all aspects. Ina May Gaskin has attended more than 1,200 births, but has given birth to many more midwives and families with her books and publications.

He has taught mothers, midwives, doctors and students around the world, and continues to attend regularly as a speaker at different meetings and conferences around the world.

Guía del nacimiento (ENTRELINEAS)

Birth Guide (INTERLINES)

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The power to create life: Everything about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, to be with you from the first day, by Paula Camarós

Paula Camarós, the reference midwife at @babysuitebypau, brings you an essential book to accompany you on the great adventure of your life.

The answers you need to experience pregnancy and childbirth in a conscious and empowered way. Information is power and, in this case, calm when facing what will be one of the biggest challenges of your life.

Pregnancy and motherhood are desired by many women, but in the information age we continue to be unaware of many of the realities surrounding this process. Paula Camarós proposes to take you by the hand during your pregnancy, to accompany you as the expert midwife that she is so that you feel that, at all times, you are in control of what is happening to your body, of the life that grows inside you.

El poder de crear vida: Todo sobre el embarazo, el parto y el posparto, para estar contigo desde el primer día (No Ficción)

The power to create life: All about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, to be with you from the first day (Non-Fiction)

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Giving birth: The power of childbirth, by Ibone Olza

Parir is not a medical manual, but an essay on the most vital experience a woman can go through from the point of view of her and the baby. An analysis of what we think of childbirth, what we know, what it has been historically and what it means in the collective imagination.

“It is interesting to ask the reason for all this. Why does childbirth have such psychic intensity? Why are the hormones that direct it the same ones that produce the love experience? I want to think that the answer is there, in love. The love between mothers and sons or daughters, love as the basis of all social and community evolution that has allowed the fabulous brain development that produces language and human intelligence.

This is my proposal: understand childbirth from psychology and neuroscience. Starting from what women say, integrate the stories of the experiences of childbirth with the help of psychology, neuroendocrinology or even neuroimaging. Let’s try to integrate the data and delve into the ultimate or evolutionary meaning of what we observe.”

Parir (edición actualizada): El poder del parto (Libro práctico)

Giving Birth (Updated Edition): The Power of Childbirth (How-To Book)

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Baby on the Way: How to Have a Positive and Empowered Birth with Hypnobirthing, by Siobhan Miller

A book loaded with information, techniques and exercises so that women can have the necessary tools at the time of childbirth, both physical and emotional, to go through it safely, trusting their body and cooperating with it.

This book is undoubtedly the best guide to go through this very special experience in the best possible way and live it in a positive way, which will bring benefits to both mothers and babies.

Bebé en camino: Cómo tener un parto positivo y empoderado con hipnoparto (Superfamilias)

Baby on the way: How to have a positive and empowered birth with hypnobirthing (Superfamilies)

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The New Birth Revolution, by Isabel Fernández Del Castillo

Its author, a writer specializing in birth and childhood issues, goes into this book to report on natural childbirth and medicalized childbirth, in terms of testimonies, statistics and medical opinions.

It places special emphasis on the advantages of respected childbirth and emphasizes the role of women when the time comes, always basing what it exposes on scientific data. The author brings light to the moment of birth but also to postpartum and recovery.

nueva revolución del nacimiento, La

new birth revolution, The

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Other recommendations that may interest you:

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Huggies Pure Toallitas para Bebé - 18 paquetes de 56 unidades (1008 Toallitas)

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes – 18 packs of 56 units (1008 Wipes)

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¿Estás esperando un bebé? Soluciona las compras de la llegada de tu bebé creando gratis una Lista de Nacimiento en Amazon.

Are you expecting a baby? Solve the purchases of the arrival of your baby by creating a free Birth List on Amazon.

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