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That unforgettable moment when you hear your baby cry for the first time upon entering the world

Motherhood gives us unique and special moments that no other life experience can offer. From pregnancy, mothers begin to create a powerful bond with our baby, feeling how it develops throughout this stage.

Finally, after what seems like a long wait, the day has come when our baby is born, giving us one of the first memories at his side. Today we are talking about that unforgettable moment when you hear him cry for the first time when he comes into the world .

A roller coaster of emotions

Today is the day your baby will be born. After nine long months (which may have felt like an eternity), you will finally be able to meet him and hold him in your arms , seeing for the first time his little face, his hands, his feet…

Although you knew that this day would come sooner or later, nothing really prepares you for the series of emotions and feelings that you will experience from start to finish . On the one hand, you feel excited and can’t wait for it to hatch, but on the other hand, you can also be nervous about what you are about to experience.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or your second or even your fifth. The arrival of a baby is not anything! Feeling all kinds of emotions is completely normal and expected on the day of your delivery.

After a while – which can be many or a few hours – the time has finally come for your baby to come out of the womb and into the world.

And then you hear something you’ve never heard

Amid the typical voices and noises of childbirth, you hear a new voice. A unique and different cry that can only mean one thing: your baby is here. Despite the fact that it is something that you knew would happen, a series of emotions and sensations suddenly come to you that are difficult to describe with simple words .

On the one hand, the surprise of hearing him for the first time, accompanied by the emotion and the immense love that you already feel for that little person that you are about to meet . It is such a strong and powerful feeling that you cannot help but smile and even shed a tear.

On the other hand, that same sound is a sign that your baby has been born and everything has gone well. The most intense part of labor is over and your body begins to relax little by little. Tiredness and pain begin to give way to happiness and tranquility.

A few minutes after hearing that first cry that will remain forever etched in your memory , you will be able to hug your baby and you will be amazed to see him, wondering how someone so small can make you feel something so big.

Congratulations mom, your baby has arrived.

If your experience was different

When I write about motherhood, I do so based on my own experience. When my daughter was finally born, after a long labor that ended in an emergency caesarean section, hearing her cry for the first time after her arrival in the world was something that was marked in my memory . But maybe your experience was not the same as mine.

Not all babies cry right at birth, nor do all moms feel a rush of emotions when they hear you for the first time. Some moms even go into a kind of pause or are so tired that they may not feel the famous crush. There’s nothing wrong with this, nor is it serious if your baby doesn’t cry immediately after birth (they get tired too!).

The most important thing is that it has already arrived and they will have a lifetime together to have unique and special moments between mom and baby.

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