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Water births are as safe as normal births, 36 studies conclude

Water birth is an alternative that pregnant women can choose for the birth of their babies. Over the years its use has been increasing, especially due to the benefits that have been found for both the mother and the baby.

But how safe are they? According to a recent analysis of 36 studies, water births are just as safe as normal births – as long as certain conditions are followed.

The study

Published in the journal BMJ Open, this new research on water births analyzed the conclusions and findings of 36 studies, involving 157,546 women , and which were carried out in the last 21 years, between 2000 and 2021.

This analysis considered two types of water births: using a bathtub during labor but having the mother come out of the water to give birth, or staying in the water until the baby is born and comes to the surface to start breathing.

The objective of this analysis was to compare the necessary medical interventions during and after childbirth , between these two types of water births, and to see if there was any difference between the results of both with normal non-water births.

Of the total studies, 31 were conducted in obstetric units (such as clinics and hospitals), four in midwife-led settings (planned and in midwifery units), and only one in home birth.

At the conclusion of the analysis of the studies, it was found that in both types of water birth there were clear benefits for mothers when they were in obstetric units, and that water births were as safe for mothers and babies as normal births .

Regarding medical interventions, water births were found to significantly reduce the use of epidurals, pain medication, episiotomies, and postpartum haemorrhage when compared to normal deliveries.

On the other hand, it was found that at an emotional level, mothers obtained various benefits, since they showed higher levels of satisfaction with their births.

The researchers concluded that water birth is safe and provides benefits to mother and baby whenever it is performed in obstetric settings , improving quality and care for mothers, while at the same time helping to reduce pain and the need for medical interventions. mentioned.

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