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How to organize with the older brother when mom is going to give birth

When we are no longer new mothers we have sharpened the power to organize everything automatically and contemplate possible changes of script before they occur. One of those moments in which we put to the test everything we have learned with a good previous organization is the arrival of the second child: labor can start at any time and it is necessary to contemplate all possible scenarios so that your brother lives it in a calm way. and be a good experience for him.

Prepare him for that moment

Involving your eldest son in all the events that happen around the arrival of a new baby in the family is essential so that he gradually assimilates it and so that the change is not too abrupt for him.

Just as you prepared in detail that moment in which you told him that a baby brother was on the way, tell him about the moment in which you are going to go to the hospital for his birth . Make it clear that it will be a short period of time because the doctors have to take care of mom and baby during the first days, and that at the end of that period, you will all meet at home again.

Plan who the eldest is going to stay with

I have always been in favor of changing the child’s routine as little as possible, so if the father is going to accompany us during the birth, it is advisable to leave the child with the next closest person to him (grandparents, uncles or caregivers).

If you decide that the child will stay at home , it is convenient for that third person to move a few days before the estimated date of delivery. In this way, it will better adapt to your presence, and in the process we make sure that we can go to the hospital without any setbacks in case the delivery begins at dawn or an emergency arises.

Whatever the decision, always keep in mind the times of the necessary trips.

Prepare food in advance

In the event that the father, grandparents or any other caregiver is going to stay with the older brother at home, it is advisable to leave previously prepared meals so that he does not miss much what he usually consumes.

It is also a gesture that makes life easier for those who stay at home, since the child will need a lot of attention because they may be nervous when facing this situation.

Pack your suitcase along with the hospital bag

In case the child is going to be away from home during the days you are going to be in the hospital, you can pack your bag along with his suitcase so that he internalizes what is going to happen beforehand . You can buy him a new book or toy to enjoy on the days he is going to be away.

notify the school

One of the procedures that we must do beforehand is to notify the school of the expected date of delivery and authorize the person(s) who are going to pick it up. It is also recommended that your teacher be aware of possible mood swings in the child that may occur during those days.

Bringing discharge forward: an option we should think about

One of the options that comes to mind when we are in the hospital is to advance discharge to be able to be with your eldest son as soon as possible (I know this from my own experience).

However, being in the situation, I realized that this time of admission was necessary: for me because I needed to rest after many hours of labor, and also to be calm with the baby and start breastfeeding off on the right foot. Obviously everyone has their point of view and experiences it differently, so the best thing we can do is think about it before making a decision.

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