The craziest scientific studies of 2021

This year's Ig Nobel prizes return with the most unusual study winners on the planet. Could humans have developed beards to protect themselves from blows to the face?

The atomic bomb accidentally created an unknown quasicrystal

In July 1945, the first nuclear bomb test resulted, by chance, in this material violating the rules of crystallographic symmetry that apply to ordinary crystals.

Louis Pasteur: biography, who he was and what he invented

Louis Pasteur is one of the most important figures in science for being the creator of pasteurization and developed vaccination.

Who were the 5 most famous chemists of ancient times?

Today we are talking about the best chemists in history, that is, those who somehow revolutionized science.

Chemical elements discovered by women

Each element has its own peculiarities and its own history. Today we focus on the female side of the periodic table.

How much do you know about chemistry?

We are surrounded by chemistry. This science, with an almost unlimited scope in our world, is the protagonist of our next test. You are ready?

Charpentier and Doudna win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their genetic scissors

Charpentier and Doudna are the first women to win an exclusive Nobel Prize in science. The reason for the award is that they developed a technique –based on the system called CRISPR / Cas, which was discovered by the Spaniard Francis Mojica in 1993.

The Chemistry of the Beirut Explosion: What is Ammonium Nitrate?

We spoke with Fernando Gomollón Bel, chemist and scientific communicator, about the nature of ammonium nitrate and its explosive nature.


Up to 50 cents per glass – beer will be more expensive in 2022!

In the spring of 2022, some large breweries will increase their prices in the catering and retail sectors. Beer is said to be up to 50 cents more expensive per glass.

Young rapper shot in Sweden

According to media reports, the 19-year-old musician Einár is dead. He was shot in a residential area in the south of Stockholm during the night.

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5 things you didn't know about the Princess of Asturias Awards

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Author: "Sex and the City" is "not very feminist"

The series "Sex and the City" drew a whole generation in front of the television. Now the author of the hit series has raised concerns that the portrayal is conveying the wrong message for women.