Dallas-Ft Worth

Red light cameras in Dallas

The SafeLight program with red light cameras began in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Red light cameras look at high-risk intersections with a

Dallas Southern Pride 2016 – Dallas Black Gay Pride 2016

Fall is a great time for Gay Pride festivals in Texas - from late August through early October, you can attend Gay Pride in

Where to get rid of your Christmas tree in Dallas – Fort Worth

You picked the perfect pine tree. Now how do you get rid of your Christmas tree if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Cheers! Blue Martini in Legacy stores

If you are looking for a cool new place to hang out then you will want to go to Blue Martini. It is located in the Legacy stores and is the best destination

A travel guide on how to visit Dallas-Fort Worth on a budget

You need a travel guide on how to visit Dallas-Fort Worth on a budget. This region, commonly called the Metroplex, offers many ways

Best Burgers in DFW

DFW serves some of the juiciest burgers in the world. My favorite burger right now is the western burger at Twisted Root. It was

Where to get free flu shots in Dallas County

Dallas County has several clinics where adults and children can get a free flu shot. It's a good thing because 2013 started with a

Trains at NorthPark Center

If a toy train is your idea of the perfect holiday season, then this is a must-see activity for your family. The Trains at NorthPark Center


You don't have to buy a new computer this back to school, but you do have to buy some accessories

The most useful peripherals are hard drives, cameras, and other accessories that will enhance your experience without requiring you to change your computer.

Another journalist killed in Mexico

He had been missing since August 9th. His body was found on the side of a country road. Juan Arjón López is at least the 14th journalist killed in Mexico this year.

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"Embarrassing": Oliver Pocher's father is ashamed of his own son

Oliver Pocher and father Gerd meet Prince Charles' former butler. Olli deliberately misbehaves and puts everyone's patience to the test.

How are we able to study the interior of the Sun?

If the photosphere, the last layer of the Sun, is impenetrable, how do we know that its core has densities 20 times that of iron or temperatures of millions of degrees?