Climate change threatens dolphins

A marine heat wave that took place in 2011 in the Australian Shark Bay has affected these mammals: their population has been reduced by 12%.

Whales and dolphins have an almost human behavior

They behave almost like humans: they live in groups, maintain complex relationships and speak with each other in different dialects.

Maisie Williams, Arya from 'Game of Thrones', joins the fight against the massive hunt of dolphins

The star of 'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) asks citizens around the world not to buy tickets for dolphinariums.

Dolphin therapy to treat children with Down syndrome

A scientific study shows the benefits of using these cute animals to work with children.

Killer whales learn to communicate with dolphins

The sounds that most animals use to communicate are innate, not learned. However, some species, including our own, are capable of imitating new sounds and using them in appropriate social contexts.

Discover when cetaceans developed their natural sonar

Dolphins, porpoises and, in general, toothed whales, such as orcas, use a sensory system called echolocation that allows them to emit sound waves and interpret the echoes they generate when they bounce off objects in their environment, such as prey. In this way, they can determine the distance at which it is, its position, size and even recognize the surrounding terrain.

Dolphins call each other by name

Scientists at the University of St Andrews (Scotland) have shown that dolphins use specific acoustic signals to each other that allow them to make and respond to individual calls. The research sheds new light on the amazing intelligence of these cetaceans, a subject already discussed in previous reports.

Cetaceans: killer whales, whales and dolphins – Whale tail

Orcas, whales, dolphins ... in the world there are more than 80 species of cetaceans, a group of very peculiar mammals because they live in water, and do not need to be on land to perform any of their vital functions. Tea


Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Heike Makatsch investigates in the "crime scene"

In her third case, Heike Makatsch, as "Tatort" commissioner Berlinger, has to do with a blind law student and a decadent young couple. But it is also about the single investigator herself.

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