World Breastfeeding Week

Returning to face-to-face work before 6 months makes it difficult for thousands of mothers to breastfeed: LactApp 2021 Report

The main international health organizations recommend maintaining breastfeeding at least until the baby is six months old, thanks to the various benefits it provides for mothers and children. However, nursing permits in many countries do not cover this time.

Two out of three mothers would feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public places if breastfeeding were normalized and supported

More than half of breastfeeding mothers consider that breastfeeding their baby in public is not a normal activity, which makes some women feel uncomfortable doing it.

World Breastfeeding Week 2022. Let's promote breastfeeding: supporting and educating

World Breastfeeding Week 2022 is celebrated from August 1 to 7, whose motto this year is Let's Promote Breastfeeding: Supporting and Educating, with the aim that all those involved participate in its promotion.

The applauded reflection of the actress Natalia Sánchez on the contradictory feelings that breastfeeding sometimes causes

More and more celebrities and influencers decide to give visibility to breastfeeding through their publications on social networks, in which they speak naturally and openly about this area of parenting.

'Breast milk, a miracle elixir': a scientific documentary that analyzes the surprising benefits of breast milk

On the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week that we are celebrating, the European free streaming platform, has published the interesting report "Breast milk, a miraculous elixir", where the health benefits are analyzed in depth human from breast milk.

One in three women stops breastfeeding after three months for social and work reasons

There is no doubt that breast milk is the best food for a baby. For this reason, the WHO and medical societies recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and from there to maintain it, along with complementary feeding until at least the first two years of life. But the social reality in which we live often prevents this recommendation from being fulfilled, since the mother must return to work and most of them stop breastfeeding when this moment arrives.

Breastfeeding is not just a matter of two: you need the support of all

One of the best experiences of my life, without a doubt, has been breastfeeding. We managed to feed my two daughters exclusively during the...

Pediatricians remember the importance of breastfeeding, even if the mother has Covid

No one doubts the important benefits of breastfeeding. Among others, it protects the baby from common diseases in the short and long term, as well as reducing the mother's risk of cancer and other ailments.


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