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Take it: Profeco stipulates that restaurants and bars can NOT force you to pay a tip

“Tip”, “service” or “covered”. Establishments cannot charge a surcharge under these concepts without your knowledge. In Mexico, it is customary to leave an extra when paying a bill as a tip to the person who served us. However, in any situation this additional must be voluntary. It is not mandatory to leave a tip .

Sometimes, diners, distracted by chatting with family or friends, the good time they had, the rush or after a night of drinks, do not check their accounts when they arrive at the table. But you have to pay attention, because some establishments have bad practices and include the tip in the final payment.

Also, there is the case that the restaurant or bar notes a suggested tip, usually 10%. But consumers are not required to cover this charge.

Is it legal to charge you a tip?

Whether in a bar or restaurant, tipping is not a mandatory charge, it is a voluntary gratuity. If they demand it, you can report it. Similarly, they cannot request minimum consumption.

Restaurants are required to clearly display prices, including taxes; deliver the proof of purchase at the time of consumption, as well as receive and provide its services to all people without discrimination, according to the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco).

What does Profeco say about the mandatory tip?

Profeco adds that if any commercial establishment requires minimum consumption, tips, does not display, does not respect or unjustifiably increases its prices, you can report them by sending an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Provider’s name.
  • Business address with street, number, neighborhood, mayor or municipality, state and zip code.

What to do if the tip is charged on the bill?

If the tip is charged to your account without your authorization, you can send a message at that time via WhatsApp to Profeco at 55 8078 0488. If you realize later that this happened, you can use the email alternative indicated in the previous point or through the official social networks: on Twitter , and Facebook.

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