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Technical gallery: the incredible news for the 2022 Azerbaijan GP

Red Bull has added an external metal bracket to help reduce flex on the ground for the RB18 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

For comparison, here is a photo of the RB18 without the metal bracket.

Ferrari has a new rear-view mirror mount for Baku, with a vertical inner section that takes the form of a vortex generator when the horizontal section diverges from it (old spec, inset).

Alpine has a very low downforce and therefore low drag rear wing for Baku

The team has also made a fairly significant change to the sidepods, as the A522 ‘s air intake has been brought forward and now features a squarer shape creating a much deeper cut.

Mercedes appears to have placed a vertical support on the outer side-impact pillar, but it’s unclear at this point how it meshes with the pre-existing bodywork, suggesting there may be a change here too.

Mercedes is still carrying the variant of its old front wing design, indicating it could stay the same.

It also appears to be running the same low-downforce rear wing spec that was fitted to the W13 at the Miami Grand Prix.

A look under the body of the Red Bull RB18 reveals the layout of the airbox tubes and the mounting of a cooler in the saddle position above it.

The Aston Martin AMR22 is fitted with the low-downforce, scoop-shaped rear wing that we have already seen used this season.

Red Bull Racing RB18 front wing endplate

A close up of the front wing endplate and S-shaped diveplane of the Red Bull RB18.

A look at the contour of the front upper floor section, the matched exterior straps and the lower lip protruding from the side column inlet on the RB18.

A close-up of the floor of the RB18 with the detail of the edge and the large blister that has formed inside.

Red Bull Racing RB18 cockpit

Detail of the RB18’s mirror housing, which is made up of multiple surfaces to reduce the impact it would have on passing airflow.

Red Bull Racing RB18 rear wing

Red Bull is likely to test various rear wing specifications over the course of free practice, as it has done for the past few years. This is what was seen of the car as it underwent FIA scrutineering.

Red Bull Racing RB18 airbox

The RB18’s cooling gills are only open at the rear at the moment, though the team can reduce the length of the panel if you want more cooling.

A look at the nose of the RB18 as the team practices pit stops. Note the large cutouts in the lower half that allow the nose to fit around the steering arms that sit forward of the chassis.

Red Bull mechanics push an RB18 down the pitlane with a false nose fitted so the front wing doesn’t get damaged.

Ferrari has one of its spoon-shaped rear wings fitted to the F1-75 , and will also want to find the right balance of performance for the high- and low-speed sections that the Baku street circuit possesses.

While the car is being prepared, we can see the brake system, although the drum is not mounted. Shown here are the various tubes that feed cold air to the brake components.

Similarly, we can see the McLaren’s front brake arrangement compared to the Ferrari, as it has opted to cover the brake disc in its own fairing.

A shot from the other side of the brake assembly gives us an indication of how big the intake is. Meanwhile, we can see the leaf spring strut hanging under the chassis of the MCL36 .

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