SportMotoGPTechnique: how do you start a MotoGP?

Technique: how do you start a MotoGP?

The return of four-stroke engines marked a before and after in the development of MotoGP prototypes. With the arrival of this formula, the procedure for starting the engine affected the start-up of the Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP prototypes, forcing a new procedure to be used.

The arrival of electric starters has been a key player in this process. Thanks to a shaft that connects directly to the crankshaft of the prototype, it is possible to start the engine, protecting its clutch and extending its useful life.

Once at this point, comes the most interesting part and, par excellence, the favorite of race Sundays: the first roar of the engine on the starting grid. The pilots begin to open the gas and the music begins that makes the fans vibrate in the stands.

In this way, the advances in the implementation of a prototype of the World Cup try to facilitate the process of transmitting weight on the rear train and the front wheels, avoiding the so-called ‘horse’ or wheelie , which causes so many headaches to the time to start a test.

However, although years ago the responsibility corresponded to the rider himself and to his astuteness and agility in preparing a good start, thanks to technology and the unstoppable development inside the MotoGP garages, currently the prototypes have control systems (where You can start talking about terms like wheelie, antiwheelie or launch-control that enter the scene when the accelerator and the revolutions of the motorcycle deem it necessary.

One of the manufacturers most committed to eradicating this problem was Ducati , with the introduction of the height adjustment device, also known as ‘holeshot’, which soon covered the MotoGP prototypes after verifying its efficiency. Thanks to this device, the height of the motorcycle decreases and, with it, the possibility of the front wheel coming off the ground.

This is a help for the pilot, since this dynamic will try, at all costs, to help the runner so that his prototype does not cut gas at the time of starting the race, since, as everyone knows, a good start is essential. when fighting for points in MotoGP.

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