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Tecnocasa, beyond the sale of real estate

Selling a house is not as easy as putting up an ad and a post on social media; even, it could take a long time to get the sale, when you do not have an adequate method. Faced with this situation, Tecnocasa, the real estate and mortgage brokerage franchise, provides a strategy that allows both the sale and acquisition of real estate to be achieved more quickly.

For this, Tecnocasa has a work scheme based on proximity to the client and detailed knowledge of the market, thanks to the fact that Tecnocasa’s franchisees focus on defined territories in order to provide a better service to those who wish to sell, rent or buy a home, or even if they need a mortgage loan.

By maintaining updated knowledge of the specific dynamics of a market, franchisees have a complete overview of the characteristics of the properties in each area, prices, supply, demand and other aspects that help determine the sales strategy for each situation, or well advise people who intend to acquire or rent a space to live. This, in turn, allows them to respond quickly to customers.

To improve these services, Tecnocasa strikes a balance between the technology of the systems and the personal commitment of each professional adviser, with the aim of ensuring that customers have a positive experience.

In this sense, the advisors receive specialized training from the first day they start working.

Tecnocasa has a professional training school where courses are taught at all levels, in which updated knowledge about the real estate sector is provided, tools are provided that enhance the personal skills of the advisors, in addition to enriching their knowledge through training experiences ranging from technical seminars to cultural events.

Tecnocasa’s collaborators realize that being part of this group is an experience that makes them grow personally and professionally since they start working for this company. Thus, the Tecnocasa work system becomes a lifestyle for its members.

At Tecnocasa the search for talent is constant due to the fact that part of the group’s philosophy is based on “helping people to grow in the same way that they helped you yourself”.

But in addition to providing advantages for its franchisees and collaborators, Tecnocasa also carries out activities that benefit the communities where it has a presence, which has been essential to achieve its accreditation as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR).

Other actions that the company constantly carries out are: planting trees, supporting charitable institutions, as well as campaigns in which they give away toys in various locations.

Likewise, it promotes sports through activities such as soccer tournaments, races and other dynamics that complement the comprehensive training of people.

In this way, it is consolidated as a company in which the clients who receive its services are not only at the forefront of a work system, but also of a culture of collaboration and constant social commitment, which generates a different experience when selling. , buy or rent a property.

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