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The 5 pets that nobody wants to adopt

People tend to idealize the arrival of a furry member in the family: a cute puppy, if it is purebred and cute, even better! But many animals unfairly spend their entire lives without anyone asking about them, whether it be because of their race, age, illness, disability, or even the color of their fur.

1. PPPs

Dogs of certain breeds or with certain physical or behavioral characteristics (to be brief) have the legal (and social) “San Benito” attached to being considered Potentially Dangerous Dogs.
With the permission of the reader, extrapolating it to the human species and with the proviso that races do not exist biologically in our species, it is as if there were a Law that granted us certain obligations depending on whether we are Spanish, Japanese, Mexican or Congolese. Or even worse: for being strong, being brave or having a face that is more square than round… It would be unthinkable, right?
It should be said that the community of ethologists (behavior specialists) widely reject that the “dangerousness” of a dog is determined by its breed.
The legal requirements to have one of these dogs (psychotic, civil liability insurance, not having a criminal record…) mean that they are abandoned more and less adopted.

2. Animals with disabilities

Others of the great invisible in the eyes of future adopters are animals that suffer some type of disability: blind animals, deaf animals, with mobility problems…
Go brown! Surely he will have a lot of veterinary expenses, plus he doesn’t look so pretty in the photos on our social networks nor will he be able to play in the dog park with the rest of the dogs…
As in everything, there are different degrees depending on the implication we want to have. There are animals with disabilities that will require more attention, effort and even certain health knowledge, and others that will be able to have a life without any limitations: from a large dog that needs a wheelchair and diaper changes to a cat that just missing an eye. With a wide range of possibilities in between.
This is the case of the kitten Ninfa (aka Uniojo) who came to the Cristicats protector after being taken as a puppy to be euthanized at a veterinary clinic for having an eye infection. Ninfa is a young cat, healthy, sociable with other cats, playful and beautiful… Initially, what every adopter asks for, but… she is missing an eye, which had to be removed. The funny videos of this cat have been published for more than three years, but it is no longer that she remains inexplicably still in the shelter, it is that NOBODY has ever written interested in her.

3. Grandparents

When considering adopting a senior animal, we can’t help but think that it probably won’t spend much time with us. It is a completely understandable thought, of self-protection against pain. The loss of a loved one terrifies any of us.
But adopting a grandfather has a very clear advantage: they are usually very calm animals. We must consider if they already have some type of mobility problem, illness or cognitive disorder to assess whether our lifestyle and home are appropriate.

4. With diseases

As with disability, there are diseases with different ranges of severity. Everything will depend on the degree of commitment that we are willing to assume.
Not all diseases involve pain, are contagious, do not result in death, nor do they make a big difference in veterinary expenses compared to a healthy animal. There are chronic diseases that, being monitored periodically by a veterinarian, allow them to have an extraordinary quality of life.
Shelters are full of dogs with Leishmania or cats with Immunodeficiency or Leukemia impatiently waiting for a home.

5. Black cats

It seems that not so much the size, but the color does matter in this matter of adopting. If it is common for dark-colored dogs to take longer to adopt than light-colored ones, the situation is exponentially complicated if black cats are concerned…
Seriously, in the 21st century, are we still dragging the belief from the Middle Ages that black cats are bad luck? Although it is true that, no matter how much we deny it, we live in a very superstitious society, it can also have a more anthropomorphic explanation, although just as illogical, and that is that we perceive animals of this color as “less friendly”.
Whether by superstition or not, the reality is that black animals spend more time in shelters before finding a home.

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