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The 7 favorite places of a cat to sleep

In general, cats prefer soft and warm places , which rotate throughout the day. Here we leave you 7 places where a cat prefers to sleep.

1. On the back of a sofa or chair

Cats tend to look for high areas so they can monitor the entire territory. It is a natural behavior in their biology. We must remember that cats are generally solitary animals, that they have marked areas within their territory, and that they like to be able to control, in order to avoid conflicts with other cats.

For this reason, any raised surface is going to be preferred over a bed or area at ground level.

Also, our cats prefer to be close to where we are. They will not always seek physical contact, but closeness. It’s your way of showing your bond with us.

For this reason, what better place than in a high area, close to us, on the back of the chair or sofa in which we are sitting. Fluffy, warm and close to us.

2. On your computer

If you work at home, surely more than once you have had to remove your cat from above the computer keyboard to be able to continue working or if you do it with a laptop, it has closed it when you rubbed its face with the screen.

This behavior is not, as they say, because they don’t want you to work. If not because, on the one hand, the computer is a hot surface and on the other it is impregnated with our smell. Every time we type on the computer we are impregnating our scent, and our cat wants to create a bond with us.

3. On top of you

Despite not being one of the most comfortable places for us, our cat lies on top of us and kneads us with his paws. This behavior shows that he is so sure with us that he wants to be on top and the bond he has with us is very close. Generally, he will prefer our chest, since we tend to move our legs and arms and it is more uncomfortable for them.

But, not all cats are going to want to have such close contact with people. Some will even want to be close, for example glued to our legs when we are sitting on the sofa, rejecting our caresses.

It is essential that we respect their priorities and avoid going beyond what the cat is demanding of us. That is, if our cat is only happy sitting next to us, we should feel flattered that it is so and not force more . He himself, if he wants, will come closer in the future.

This is the best way to create a bond with our cat. Otherwise, we can generate the opposite effect and begin to avoid us.

4. Al sol

When a ray of sunlight enters through the window we can see our cat lying along. It does not matter if it is in bed, on the floor or in the window, previously prepared with nets to avoid unnecessary falls and frights.

And it is that it does not matter if we are at 35ºC, that they enjoy the sun.

5. On soft surfaces

As we said at the beginning, cats look for soft and warm areas, so our bed, the sofa, an armchair, will be places where we can see our cat enjoy throughout the day. Even if our sofa has a fabric that covers it, we can find our cat hidden under it.

6. On a scratching tree

The scratchers are essential for the environmental enrichment of our cat. They allow it to sharpen its nails, mark its territory and by using it we prevent it from scratching and marking places we don’t want, such as the sofa.

Vertical scrapers or trees are ideal in this regard. They provide high places from which to observe, vertical poles to scratch, and many of them have little houses to hide in or hammocks to sleep in.

It is important that these scratchers, if they are very high, can be fixed in some way to the wall or ceiling to prevent them from falling, frightening our cat, and never using it again.

7. In a box

Finally the boxes. An order arrives at home, we open the box in which the order comes, we take out its contents and before we know it, our cat has gotten inside and is happy.

The reason for their adoration for the boxes is because they are limited, closed places that isolate from the cold. For this reason, on many occasions our cat will prefer a box with a soft cushion inside, than the most expensive bed on the market.



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