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The Aprilia 'Lorenzo edition' brand new, sold for 6,650 euros

One of the biggest hobbies of people with high purchasing power is the collection of luxury cars or motorcycles and, beyond great examples of expensive brands, special pieces that have belonged to pilots or that have unique decorations attract a lot of attention.

This is the case of an Aprilia RS125 from 2009, a replica of the bike with which Jorge Lorenzo won the 250cc championship (now Moto2) in 2007, with special decoration and the ‘Spain’s Nº1’ stickers, which was what that one wore. Aprilia in the World Cup in the countries where it could not advertise tobacco (Fortuna).

It has the ‘1’ champion sticker, and its ‘Xfuera’ message on the dome. It was a motorcycle that arrived in the United States but, due to its emissions, its use outside the circuit was prohibited.

The motorcycle has been auctioned on the Iconic Motorbike Auctions website and after the auction, which ended on Tuesday, August 24, a final price of 7,811 dollars (6,650 euros) has been reached.

A value that may seem cheap for such a motorcycle and that, according to its previous owner, is still brand new. The auctioneer claimed it was ‘zero kilometer’ but preferred to keep the bike in ‘factory new’ condition and not disassemble it to get to the odometer.

(Enjoy this link or by clicking on the image of all Jorge Lorenzo’s motorcycles before continuing reading)

In addition, the motorcycle with chassis number ZD4RMC02C29S000014 still has the protective film for shipping abroad, which, according to its previous owner, is still there “for originality” and can be peeled off without problems.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the Aprilia RS125 has a Rotax two-stroke engine and 125 cm 3 , with a 28mm Dell’orto carburetor and only 127 kilos of weight.

The website clarified that ‘the seller accepted a post-auction offer’ and, although the lucky new owner is unknown, before the auction Iconic Motorbike Auctions warned that the shipment of the motorcycle to Europe could be around 1,300 euros.

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