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The best childbirth photos of 2020: 29 stunning images that reflect the beauty of birth

Birth photographs summarize in an instant the beauty of one of the most powerful experiences for parents, the birth of a child. They perfectly convey the intensity of the moment, the feelings of parents and relatives, as well as the unforgettable moment of seeing their face for the first time and the first moments with the newborn.

One more year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (in English, International Association of Professional Birth Photographers) made up of more than 1100 specialized photographers in 52 countries has awarded its 2020 Annual Awards and has released the best photos of childbirth and postpartum 2020.

We share with you the winning photos and those that have obtained mentions, a total of 29 , that families have been kind enough to share for publication. Each photo has a title given by the photographers themselves.

Winning Photography 2020

“A moment of silence”

Photo | Jessica Vink – VI-Photography (Netherlands)

Best photo: birth details


Photo | Bree Garcia – J&B Photography, LLC (United States)

Best photo: childbirth

“Unmasking the Multiple Layers of Birth”

Foto | Alexandria Mooney – Alexandria Mooney Photography (Estados Unidos)

Best photo: 48 hours later


Photo | Natalie Weber – Natalie Zepp Photography (United States)

Best photo: labor

“The morning light glides on”

Foto | Shea Long – Coastal Lifestyles (Canadá)

Best photo: postpartum

“Constellation Vernix”

Foto | Kristy Visscher – Kinship by Kristy (Australia)

Winning photos chosen by members

Best photo: childbirth

“Fire ring”

Foto| Katie Torres – Your Story – Professional Birth Services

Best photo: labor

“I am a goddess of childbirth”

Foto | Sophia Costa – The Sophia Co

Best photo: birth details

“Baby Noah Blanketed”

Photo | Jana Brasil – JanaBrasil Photography (Brazil)

Best photo: 48 hours later

“Her breasts are spilling …”

Photo | Martha Lerner – zenmamalove

Best photo: postpartum

“A moment of silence”

Photo | Jessica Vink – VI-Photography (Netherlands)

Honorable mentions

“The day you were born”

Photo | Sarah Maverick – Sarah Maverick Photography (United States)

“Unplanned, furious and free”

Foto | Bree Garcia – J&B Photography LLC

“She looks at them”

Foto | Ashley Marston – Ashley Marston Photography (Canadá)


Foto | Brittney Hogue – Brittney Hogue Birth, Baby, Family (Estados Unidos)

“In it together”

Photo | Lori Martinez – Lori Martinez Photography (United States)

“Dance with me on your long walk”

Photo | Kate Carlton – Kate Carlton Photography (United States)

“Holding two children”

Photo | Lindsey Ellis – LE Photograph by Ellis (United States)


Photo | Cindy Willems – Birth Day birth photography (Países Bajos)

“Colostrum binge”

Foto | Shea Long – Coastal Lifestyles Photography (Canadá)

“We have you baby!”

Photo | Belle Verdiglione – Belle Verdiglione Photography (Australia)


Photo | Daniela Justus -Daniela Justus Photography (Brazil)

“Be quiet”

Foto | Evelien Koote – Love & Little Birth Photography (Países Bajos)

“Overflowing love”

Photo | Aviz -BÁRBARA AVIZ (Brazil)

“Paradise found”

Foto | Rebecca Coursey-Rugh – Rebecca Coursey, los angeles birth + family photographer (Estados Unidos)


Photo | Paulina Splechta – Paulina Splechta Birth Photography and Films (United States)

“A dramatic arrival”

Photo | Denmark Watson – Lauren + Douglas (Australia)

“Stretch. Bow. Give it up.”

Photo | Cat Fancote – Cat Fancote – Capturing the birth (Australia)

“Miracle of life”

Photo | Jana Brasil -JanaBrasil Photography (Brazil)

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Photos | International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (Reproduced with permission of the Association)

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