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The best diapers for your baby: how to choose them and the nine most valued brands

During the first three years of the baby’s life, diapers are a basic necessity, sometimes even longer depending on the child, and if we also count the night diapers.

It is estimated that a baby will need, on average, 4,860 disposable diapers until he is ready to stop using them and go to the bathroom alone. That, if we take into account that he will use eight diapers a day until four months and five a day until thirty months, although of course it is an average, since it is impossible to calculate it exactly.

We will talk about how to choose the best diaper for your baby and which are the brands most valued by parents according to their experiences, as well as the prices of each one.

How to choose the best diaper

When choosing the best diaper for the baby, comfort, absorption and a good price is the perfect formula.

First of all, the diaper must respect the baby’s delicate skin . It has to be soft, made with materials without dangerous chemical substances and have an optimal absorption of liquids for several hours, taking into account the hours of sleep. What we want is that our baby remains dry and his skin does not suffer from irritations.

Likewise, it has to be able to absorb the liquid poop of the first months.

In addition, it must be flexible and ergonomic to adapt to the baby’s body, and its movements when it begins to crawl and walk, without causing leaks or leaks. Leg elastics should fit but not squeeze, or cause friction chafing.

It must also have a strong closure that prevents the diaper from coming off when the baby moves, or from being able to take it off.

We have prepared a list of the brands most valued by parents , highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is not a ranking, as the best diaper for some parents is not the best for others. If one child does well, another may do poorly.

1) Give Activity

Pros : It is the best option for babies who crawl and begin to walk, since thanks to its resistant straps they adapt to the movements of the baby.

Thin and comfortable with maximum absorption. It has aerated channels to keep the baby’s skin dry. Sizes from 3 to 12 months.

Cons : the price, higher than other brands with good results.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.32 euros
Dodot Activity pañales talla 4, 192 pañales, 9-14 kg, pañales con ajuste más resistente

Dodot Activity diapers size 4, 192 diapers, 9-14 kg, diapers with stronger fit

Today on Amazon for € 61.32

2) Ultra comfortable Huggies

Pros : They have an elastic waist and anatomical design to adapt to the movements of the baby. Thanks to its air channels and its anti-accumulation capacity of the diaper, it reduces the bag effect. Sizes for babies from 4 to 30 kg.

Cons : Some parents mention that the sizing does not match.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.21 euros
Huggies Ultra Comfort Pañales Talla 3 (4-9 Kg) - 168 Pañales

Huggies Ultra Comfort Diapers Size 3 (4-9 Kg) – 168 Diapers

Today on Amazon for € 29.03

3) Dry Baby Dodot

Pros: It has air channels that create a space for air to circulate inside the diaper, allowing the bottom to stay dry for longer, being ideal for the night. It promises up to 12 hours of protection.

Cons : Value for money is okay, but higher than other well-rated private label diapers.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.20 euros
Dodot Bebé-Seco - Pañales Talla 4 (9-14 kg), 256 Pañales, El Unico Pañal Con Canales De Aire

Dodot Baby-Dry – Diapers Size 4 (9-14 kg), 256 Diapers, The Only Diaper With Air Channels

Today on Amazon for € 58.33

4) Lidl’s Lupilu (Forever antes)

Pros : A real discovery for many parents with a result of use very similar to those of the Dodot brand. It is not a bulky diaper, it has a soft touch and it has an adjustable waist and good absorption. The best, its price. From newborn to size 6.

Cons : Some parents mention that they smell a bit.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.14 euros
BABYSMILE pañales 8-15 kgs talla 4 paquete 64 uds

Diapers 50 units Size 4. Maximum absorption. Up to 12 hours dry.

RRP in Lidl € 7.29

5) Chelino

Pros: They are highly valued by parents of babies for offering good absorption and comfort, reducing skin irritations. Good sizing. They do not smell. Very good price. From newborn to size 6 (28 kilos)

Cons: A little thicker than other brands.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.16 euros .
Chelino Fashion & Love - Pañales para bebés con un peso comprendido entre 9 y 15 kilos, Talla 4, pack de 34

Chelino Fashion & Love – Diapers for babies weighing between 9 and 15 kilos, Size 4, pack of 34

Today on Amazon for € 9.30

6) Deliplus Mercadona

Pros : Very good absorbency, even overnight, and a feeling of dryness. Good fit to the body. Great value for money.

Cons : They take slightly longer than average to absorb urine.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.15 euros .
BABYSMILE pañales 8-15 kgs talla 4 paquete 64 uds

Deliplus Diaper 9 to 15 Kg size 4

RRP in Soy Super € 15.00

7) Carrefour Baby

Pros: very good result at a good price. In addition, it usually has 3×2 offers, leaving even cheaper.

Cons : slightly lower absorption than other brands at night.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.14 euros .
BABYSMILE pañales 8-15 kgs talla 4 paquete 64 uds

Carrefour Baby Ultra Dry Diapers Size 4 (7-18 kg) 180 units

RRP in Carrefour € 24.83

8) Bambo Nature

Pros : The sustainable option. The cellulose used to make the diapers comes from responsibly managed forests, and the absorbent material is made from wheat starch.

They contain no artificial chemicals, are super gentle, and feature a moisture indicator.

Cons : They are much more expensive than other very good brands.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.58 euros
Bambo Nature Premium Eco Pañales, tamaño grande 4 (15-31 lb/7-14 kg)

Bambo Nature Premium Eco Diapers, Large Size 4 (15-31 lb / 7-14 kg)

Today on Amazon for € 13.31

9) DIA Baby Smile

Pros : Comfortable, soft and with good absorption. Great value for the price. Size from newborn to size 6 (28 kilos).

Cons : Some parents comment that the quality has dropped compared to years ago.

  • Approximate price per unit (size 4): 0.16 euros
BABYSMILE pañales 8-15 kgs talla 4 paquete 64 uds

BABYSMILE diapers 8-15 kgs size 4 packet 64 units

RRP in DAY € 9.99

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