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The best female characters in video games

Video games have the same elements of any narrative : characters, settings and conflict. The direct intervention of the player in the story makes it much easier and more natural to enter the environment and empathize with the characters that we either handle or accompany us. If it is well built, one ends up identifying with the protagonist of the video game and their mission. And yes, we say him or her because, although to a lesser extent, there are quite a few video games headed by female characters.

As with other formats such as cinema (and in fact there are those who continue to put their hands to their heads when they see an action story, for example, starring a woman), video games began being monopolized by male characters and, in case If there was a woman on the staff, this was relegated to a secondary role or simply anecdotal. Perhaps it was because, since the players were mostly men, it was thought that they would identify better with male characters and enjoy more. But you don’t have to be a short man with a mustache to have fun jumping with Super Mario …

The female appearances were gaining ground little by little and in very varied ways. In some cases, just adding a bow and lipstick to Pac-Man’s yellow ball was enough to have a Pac-Man Lady. In others, the sex of the protagonist was hidden under a mask until the end of the story, when the player had become so fond of him that even the most reticent would end up changing that script twist. And there were also cases in which, from appearing so much for the titles, they ended up becoming fond of them and it was the gamers themselves who claimed more weight for these women in the shadows. In recent years, developers and creatives, as well as those of us who enjoy video games, have understood that the important thing about a character is not their gender but their history and development. It is increasingly common for women to head a video game and hey, they are giving us hours and hours of entertainment .

In its early days, the video game industry was in limbo in which neither companies nor the public seemed to know where to place it. One of the first decisions that were made at a general level was that video games were a product that attracted more to boys and they focused on this target . That idea is now behind (or should) and the gamer world is less and less reluctant to develop video games that are not based on what society thinks boys or girls want, but rather focused on telling good stories and providing rewarding experiences. for all players.

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