FunThe best ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day 2021

The best ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day 2021

This Monday, July 26, 2021, Grandparents’ Day is celebrated. A very special date that was born in 1998 from the hand of the NGO ‘Messengers of Peace, founded by Father Ángel. On July 26, the maternal grandparents of Jesús, San Joaquín and Santa Ana are commemorated, and for this reason this date was chosen to commemorate the figure of the grandparents and grandmothers. Below we have selected the best ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day as it deserves .

Go for a walk

Sometimes the best plans are the simplest. Why not take a walk with your grandparents in the park this afternoon? You can take the opportunity to talk about your things and spend quality time together . For many grandparents, their day-to-day life can be stressful, and getting around is sometimes difficult. So getting out of their routine with you is sure to make them very excited.

Organize a family meal

Another great idea to celebrate Grandparents Day is to organize a family meal. Today the day is dedicated to them, so they can take it free. Therefore, it is you who have to cook and prepare everything . They will enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren!

Watch a movie

Watching a movie is always a great plan. On Netflix there are movies that revolve around grandparents that are very worthwhile, such as:

  • The grandfather who didn’t pay the bill and took off: a hilarious comedy. An eccentric ex-spy with financial problems and his centennial partner go on a mission to try to get the valuable formula of a soda from the USSR of the 70s. But they are not the only ones who go after it.
  • Grandmother’s Will: When Grandmother decides that it is time to put everything together, the family conflicts over who will hurt the house.
  • Lord, give me patience: and finally, when Gregorio’s wife, a very conservative banker, passes away, he has to fulfill his last wish: spend a weekend in Sanlúcar de Barrameda with his children and their respective partners.

See family photos

And, finally, another of the plans that we propose is to see family photos. Your grandparents will love telling you about their “little battles” from when they were young and spending time with you reminiscing about old memories .

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