FunThe best phrases to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021...

The best phrases to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021 Discover them!

This September 27, World Tourism Day 2021 is celebrated, claiming that despite the pandemic, it is one of the most prominent economic engines in Spain. We celebrate it with the best phrases to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021 . Find out what they are!

This day takes place to commemorate the anniversary of the adoption of the Statutes of the World Tourism Organization that were pronounced in 1970. But it was dictated in 1980 to celebrate this day.

The appointments to commemorate the world tourism day 2021

Tourism is not a science, it does not have a general theory, that is why it is a trade and as such does not require university schools, but very good vocational schools. Ramón Martínez Fraile

The true miracle is not walking on water or flying through the air: it is walking on earth. Houeï Neng

Acts of vandalism against heritage sites or cultural interest can also represent a crime, a point that is not studied by specialists in dark tourism. Derek Dalton

When traveling by plane there are only two kinds of emotions: boredom and terror. Orson Welles

If you reject food, ignore customs, fear religion, and avoid people, you better stay home. James michener

The true voyage of discovery does not consist in searching for new landscapes, but in having a new look. Marcel proust

Once you get bitten by the travel bug there is no known antidote, and I know that I would be happily infected until the end of my days. Michael Palin

Modern tourism must be seen in all its expression and not reduced to just service, since for each new room there are several new houses, school benches and hospital beds that must be expanded. Alfredo A. César Dachary

Although we travel around the world to find beauty, we must take it with us in order to find it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Traveling is essential and the thirst for travel, a clear symptom of intelligence. Enrique Jardiel Poncela. The phrases to celebrate World Tourism Day 2021

Never hesitate to go far, beyond all seas, all borders, all countries, all beliefs. Amin maalouf

If you want to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all the envy, jealousy, resentment, selfishness and fear. Cesare Pavese

Don’t tell me how old you are or how well educated you are. Tell me how much you have traveled and I will tell you how much you know. Muhammad

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