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The best video games to give away – Red Dead Dedemption 2


The video game sector is growing and moving more people. In fact, today in Spain there are more than 24 million gamers. It is not surprising that video games are a recurring gift for so many people who are fond of playing games, and it can also be to initiate those who enjoy, in general, technology and science fiction.

Whether it is to please a gamer around you, or to ‘convert’ someone to the fascinating world of gaming, we have selected for you the best video games released this year to give away.

All the titles that you will see below have been released in 2018 and enjoy great prestige. Most of them have been expected for months, and even years, by fans of their sagas.

Triple A games (which belong to the most powerful developers) tend to dominate the video game market. But the indies (independent video games) are also making an important niche in the market.

Some sagas have already made gaming history, such as Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite, Fall Out, Call Of Duty … And although the innovations of the new installments are, for many, too risky and, perhaps, disappointing, it is undeniable that innovation in development tries to present the best of each house and surprise the gamer, an increasingly demanding profile.

Although the big developers do what they can, the public rules. In an industry that is not afraid to speak out and make the harshest criticisms, the best-selling video games have reason to be proud. As some of the most praised by critics, such as Read Dead Redemption 2, already considered a masterpiece; or God Of War 4, which has been named best game of the year at the 2018 Game Awards.

Here is a list of the best rated, most anticipated and best-selling games of this year, so you can choose your next Christmas gift. Enjoy!

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