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The best ways to get from Santorini to Mykonos

Santorini and Mykonos, the most popular Greek islands in the Cyclades, are less than 100 miles apart. The idea of island hopping seems obvious and, in a way, it is. But it’s not something you can do on impulse, the way you might ask a local boatman to take you to a secluded beach. You need to plan ahead to make sure you have enough cash, and time, to do it.

Can you do a day trip?

Probably not. Whether you fly or take a fast boat, it will take you two or three hours each way. Consider landing, orientation, and local transportation organization, and you won’t have much time to explore locally. And, you probably won’t be back on the same ship you traveled on. With the exception of the little rarely visited island of Anafi, Santorini is the southernmost island in the Cyclades group and furthest from Athens. So essentially it’s the end of the line on most ferry routes.

Ships that travel between Santorini and Mykonos do not go back and forth between them. The islands are ferry stops along the longest travel route.

On the other hand, the two islands are reasonable partners for a longer vacation or as part of an island hopping itinerary. These are the main ways to travel between them.

By ferry

Several companies operate high-speed ferries and jet boats between the islands during the popular tourist season. Tickets are available at travel agencies and ticket sales on the islands. And new in 2019, some of the ferry companies have made booking online a lot easier, are offering e-tickets, and even have apps.

Sea Jets operates speedboats from both the old port and the new port of Athinios in Santorini. Depending on the ship, the trip lasts from just over two hours to just under three and, in 2019, it costs between € 43 and € 66.80 each way. For the most up-to-date information and accurate rates, please enter your chosen departure in the booking widget on your website. And be sure to read the site’s FAQ to determine how to get your ticket.

Golden Star operates its “SuperFerry” high-speed ferry and SuperCat catamarans between the islands from late May to early October with at least three daily departures in each direction. The ferry trip lasts between three hours and 30 minutes and four hours (depending on the direction), while the SuperCat trip takes about two hours and 50 minutes. The cost is between € 42 and € 52 depending on the direction and the boat. Their website shows that the prices are ‘indicative’, which like the ‘indicative’ votes from the British Parliament in Spring 2019 means they are not guaranteed.

As of May 2019, Hellenic Seaways does not offer routes between Mykonos and Santorini. This could, of course, change in the future.

By air

Flights between Santorini and Mykonos take between 1 hour and 50 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes, including the mandatory 30 minutes on land in Athens. That’s right, every scheduled flight between the two islands involves flying to Athens and usually changing planes. To put this in context, it’s a bit like the flights from New York to Philadelphia have a stopover in Boston.

Aegean Air, in partnership with Olympic, flies this route, with summer 2019 one-way fares averaging € 82 but starting from € 51 and increasing to over € 200, depending on the day of the week and the amount of delivery time before your chosen flight. The Greek national airline Sky Express no longer shows flights, direct or connecting, between these locations.

Deep pocket fantasies

Both Santorini and Mykonos have airports and if money is not an issue, there are air taxi services that can be booked to travel between them. Helicopter fees start at around € 3,000 for a 30-40 minute flight for up to six passengers. Or, you can always book a Lear Jet starting at € 5,750. The Greek air taxi network is the first stop for finding private operators and booking your fantasy flight.

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