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The Binding of Isaac: Repentance: How to Unlock Jacob & Esau

In The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth there are numerous different characters to control, although a good part of them must be unlocked. A good example is that of Jacob & Esau , a couple included in the Repentance expansion and about which we will explain how to get it in the following guide.

How to Unlock Jacob & Esau

To get this pair of characters it is necessary that you defeat Mother , one of the new final bosses of the expansion. It doesn’t matter which character you do it with, but in one of our guides you have a few tips to be able to face this battle and defeat this powerful boss.

Of course, to get to Mother you first have to access Corpse , one of the new floors that has also been included in the expansion. It is a somewhat long and complicated process, but in another of our guides we explain how to get to this new area.

The main features of Jacob & Esau

The peculiarity of Jacob & Esau is that they are two characters in one and you will move both at the same time , just as they will both shoot at the same time, although with one of the buttons you can make Esau stay still if you just want him to move Jacob.

Likewise, each one will have their own life points, statistics and objects . None of these will be shared, which is a great detail to take into account because their thing is that you improve both little by little so that neither is too unbalanced, since it will only be enough for one of the two to die so that you have to start from the beginning.

On the other hand, even if they are separated, they will come together again as soon as you walk through a door . Similarly, if you go through a spiked door, only the first person to step on it will take damage. As for the bombs, the two of them will put one at the same time, even though only one bomb will be spent instead of two.

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