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The campaign that invites you to donate for the children of Chocó and Providencia

The ‘Recupera tu Silla’ Foundation is the organization in charge of receiving donations to help those affected by Hurricane Iota. Go ahead and donate this Christmas!

The department of Chocó and the island of Providencia were the areas of the country most affected by the winter wave. On the one hand, the passage of Hurricane Iota affected 98% of the infrastructure in Providencia, and in the case of Chocó and other departments, they were affected by heavy rains that have caused flooding and destruction of buildings. It is estimated that more than 34,800 people are affected by the winter.

Against this background, the ‘Recover your chair’ Foundation, which for more than 5 years has been working to provide dignity spaces for education in the different departments of Colombia, have decided to launch the ‘Gifts with Meaning’ campaign, in order to to collect supplies to bring desks in good condition to schools in these two areas of Colombia.

“We want thousands of children in our country to have a decent desk where they can go to study. What we do is rescue furniture from the garbage, which we restore and leave as new so that they later travel to more remote areas of Colombia with the help of the Military Forces. In this way we have managed to equip a school in La Guajira, in the Maluwaisao community and two more in the Amazon, in indigenous schools ”, explains María Angélica Sánchez, founder of Recupera tu Silla.

How to help?

The mission is great. There are more than 16,500 children in the country who do not have a desk to study. “At this time, our priority is to provide the schools of San Andrés and Providencia, such as the Brooks Hills Educational Institution, which was seriously affected by Hurricane Iota.”

Additionally, they have various requirements for desks for children in schools with an Afro-descendant, indigenous, colonist and Raizale population, in areas such as the Pacific Nariñense, Chocó, Carmen de Bolívar, La Guajira, Tumaco, Palmitos (Sucre), El Charco (Nariño), Puerto Leguízamo (Putumayo) and the Indigenous Reservation of Cachicamo (Puerto Carreño, Vichada).

“We really have in our warehouses donations of hundreds of damaged desks, chairs and furniture that we have received from different companies, but we need the resources to restore them and adapt them to the conditions that a child requires for their learning. Many of them are desks that need painting on their structures, metalworking, arms, etc. ”, explains Sánchez.

This year he taught us many things: to be compassionate, to think about the other and share what we have. That is why the campaign of this foundation: ‘ Gifts with Meaning’, invites Colombians to show solidarity with the most vulnerable children and support them with perhaps the most powerful symbol of transformation: a desk.

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They only need to order their gifts with meaning through the website, this gift must be addressed to someone, that is, the name of the person from whom the donation is made, in this way happiness is given twice, because the value of the gift is destined to help the children and the gift, be it cookies, cards, etc., goes to the person you chose as the recipient.

“100% of the collection will be allocated to the work carried out by our foundation. We are also open to any other help that or organizations that want to join our initiative can give us, ”says María Angélica.

For people or organizations interested in participating in this campaign, you can do so through the foundation’s website or through the number: 317 3921921

This is how the Providencia schools are:

The three great benefits for children of donating toys before Christmas

Solidarity is a very important value in our development as people who belong to a society, and obviously the best way to understand its meaning -especially when we are children- is to put it into practice. This time of year is fantastic for precisely that: the arrival of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men usually means the arrival of new toys at home, so it is a fantastic opportunity to donate to children in vulnerable situations. If we also involve our children, we are teaching them to relate with empathy, humility and respect.

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