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The cessation of the MotoGP Mobile Clinic caught those responsible "by surprise"

The decision made by the MotoGP World Championship not to renew the contract with the emblematic ‘ Clinica Mobile ‘, present in the paddock for almost half a century, has caught those responsible by surprise, led since the departure of its founder, Claudio Costa , by Dr. Michele Zasa .

“As of 2023, the Mobile Clinic will no longer be present in the MotoGP World Championship paddock,” explains a statement made public this Friday and released by the entity itself.

“It is a decision that has caught us by surprise and for which, perhaps, we were not prepared. How can we be prepared to leave what we like and are passionate about?”, continues the note.

“Since its foundation in the seventies, the ‘ Clinica Mobile ‘ has always been an important reference for riders and professionals. The entire paddock owes a lot to Claudio Marcello Costa , as it is thanks to his ‘home of world heroes mythological of motorcycling” if today the international circuits have reached high levels of safety and first aid on the track is properly provided”.

The note recalls the high standards in which the clinic has evolved in recent years, as well as highlights “the numerous messages of support that we have received in recent days and we want to thank all those who, publicly or privately, have shown their closeness.”

Although Dorna will not renew the contract for this service, those responsible for it announce that this does not mean the end of this adventure. “The Mobile Clinic will continue to exist, waiting for new challenges. Meanwhile, we face these last days of the championship with a lot of emotion and already with a little nostalgia”.

Dr. Zasa, medical director of the Mobile Clinic and who took over after the retirement of Claudio Costa , expresses his displeasure at the situation, but warns that they are ready for new challenges.

“From next year, unfortunately, we will not be present with the current structure in the MotoGP World Championship. Of course this makes me sad, but at the same time it gives me the opportunity to reflect on all the good things we have done in the last few years, when I took over the Clinica Mobile after Dr. Costa retired,” says Zasa.

“We have gone through difficult years for many reasons, among them the logistical problems that were complicated during the two years of Covid. Despite this, looking back I think I did a good job, continuing the teachings of Dr. Costa and the principle essential to always be by the side of the riders, and at the same time trying to give a modern imprint to this institution created almost 50 years ago”.

Zasa fits the promoter’s decision. “With regret, we have recognized the will of the organizer to follow a different path in a period of transformation”, and thanks “all the people who have supported us over the years, first of all Dorna, IRTA and all the teams that , in these hours, they have shown us their support and disappointment”.   

Lastly, Zasa also shows his gratitude to the “riders who expressed their pain over the situation and who trusted us over the years. I think we have repaid this trust with the results we have obtained together”. 

“The Mobile Clinic is still alive, although we will work with other modalities and in other contexts. Who knows if the paths may cross again in the future,” settles the note.

The space that the mobile clinic will leave in the MotoGP paddock from next season will be covered by a new device that will offer the service provided for the last five decades by Claudio Costa’s legendary ‘Clinica Mobile nel Mondo’.

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