LivingThe clitoris: story of an abused organ

The clitoris: story of an abused organ

Production: Adriana Toca

In this video we are going to talk about what is probably the most abused organ in the history of Medicine: we are talking about the clitoris.

The first time the clitoris was dissected was in 1559, and the person who succeeded was the Italian anatomist Mateo Realdo Colombo. His colleague Gabriel Falopio also researched female anatomy and sexuality, and tried to steal the credit for the discovery from Colombo. Fallopian investigations, as you know, give a name to another part of the female anatomy, the tubes. But were it not for Colombo to publish his findings in his work (image De Re Anatomica) we might have ended up calling the clitoris Fallopian.

During the following centuries, doctors and researchers were frustrated trying to find some reproductive function for this organ : since female sexual pleasure was not seen as something isolated from reproduction. It seemed to them that it made much more sense for pleasure to be obtained from vaginal stimulation, through intercourse.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud maintained that the pleasure obtained with the clitoris was immature and typical of childhood. But not. Today we know that the clitoris has sexual pleasure as its only function.

Centuries of discriminating against the main source of female pleasure resulted in a collection of misunderstandings and erroneous beliefs that persist to this day. One of them is the famous G-spot, which has caused so much frustration to millions of women trying to find it.

Surely more than once you have been asked or heard the expression: “Are you clitoral or vaginal?” Well, it is useless to identify with any of them, because there is no such division. There is only one type of orgasm; yes, there are very different ways to obtain it.

And here comes an image that will surely surprise you. We introduce you to the clitoris. Surely the image you have of the clitoris is that of a small button that appears in the upper part of the vulva, above the entrance to the vagina. But in reality what is only showing is the glans of a much larger organ. And yes, I am expressing myself well; the glans.

The glans alone measures 1 centimeter on average and has thousands of nerve endings. But the clitoris is a very complex organ that extends from 9 to 11 centimeters inside the female body . As with the penis, the glans of the clitoris also swells and fills with blood during sexual arousal, increasing in size.

This increase in size can also occur during the REM phase, as it also happens in men, and this natural reaction of the body does not have to be related to an erotic dream.

So what is known as a vaginal orgasm? Technically, the vaginal orgasm does not exist, but is the product of the stimulation of the clitoris from inside the vagina. And why are many women unable to reach orgasm solely through penetration?

Your internal stimulation can also be a source of pleasure; but most women do not get sufficient stimulation this way. It is only effective depending on the size and shape of the clitoris, which varies in each woman, and its proximity to the vaginal walls. Therefore, the best way to achieve an orgasm is direct clitoral stimulation.

So, don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a vaginal orgasm; in fact, it is to be expected. In general, women reach orgasm more easily when they receive multiple stimulations.

In 1850, with the discovery of ovulation and the details of human sexual reproduction, it was shown that the clitoris had no reproductive utility, although today there are still some hypotheses that argue that the spasms typical of orgasm favor the introduction of sperm into the interior. of the female reproductive system.

Thanks to researcher Odile Fillod, we obtained the first reconstruction of the clitoris in 3D in 2015. Surely you have studied in school what the female reproductive organ is like. But why haven’t you studied the organ of pleasure? In the book Between my lips, my clitoris: confidences of a mysterious organ , by Alexandra Hubin and Caroline Michel, it is detailed how one out of every four 15-year-old girls is unaware of the existence of her clitoris.

How many women who are watching this video really know what your clitoris looks like? And how many men?

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