FunThe curiosities and interesting facts of Prehistory that you...

The curiosities and interesting facts of Prehistory that you did not know

Prehistory has always been, and always will be, worthy of study by specialized historians at this time. Prehistory is considered to be that stage that elapses from the beginning of human evolution until the first writings began to appear, and with them, the beginning of history.

But prehistory left us many interesting facts that we must know. It was the prelude for man to begin to evolve and reach what we are today.

Few life aspirations

We are used at this point in history for humans to die of old age. Life expectancy today is 80 for men and 86 for women in Spain.

If we go to prehistory, these figures were totally strange. Life expectancy at this time was 33 years at most if we talk about the Paleolithic. In the Neolithic it did not exceed 25, and it remained at 22.

There was no freezer

At this time it was very difficult to get food to be preserved in the most adequate way. The first settlers of the planet found a formula that they adapted to their needs. When it was cold they managed to freeze them by splashing them with water and leaving them out in the open.

Despite this, most of the meals were cooked raw until they managed to tame and control the fire.

Domestic dogs

It is already known that during prehistory dogs were already domesticated by the first hominids. These served as defense and help when collecting and also served to keep the hominids company.

Men’s shaving

About 5,000 years ago, man began to discover that he could decorate his body just as they were doing on the walls of the caves where they painted their cave paintings.

It was in the Stone Age that man discovered that he could shave and he could treat his beard as a decorative item for the face and as a grooming item for his body. They used three methods to shave: one with tweezers that they made with animal bones, another with sharp stones that they made themselves, and a third method, with potions of quicklime.

Cave decoration

One of the most famous discoveries of prehistory were the cave paintings made by the first hominids in the caves. To paint in these caves they needed to make the colors that they took from different materials such as plants, clay, or animal blood. Thus they obtained different shades and managed to preserve the painting on the stone.

When hyenas lived in the Arctic

These animals crossed from Asia to America through the Bering Bridge during the Ice Age.

This is how the light bulb was invented

History tells us that the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, which is not true. Many searched for it and quite a few got it, but Edison was the one who turned that invention into a money-making machine.

We were able to start breeding animals 2000 years earlier than previously thought

This is demonstrated by remains of charred manure that are 13,000 years old.

Nanotyrannus: another species of T.rex?

New evidence indicates that the species is actually tyrannosaurs during their youth.

Tuskegee: The Most Infamous Experiment in History

In 1932, the venereal disease section of the Public Health Service created a study group whose objective was to monitor a group of African-Americans with syphilis, which became the longest study in the history of medicine: 40 years.